Tulip Field April Image by Filio from PixabayLast week, at the annual Semantic Layer Summit, AtScale made two announcements. The first is the public preview of the AtScale Developer Community Edition. The second is updates to the AtScale Semantic Layer platform. xtype has unveiled its latest product to assist ServiceNow customers. xtype Clone View is now available on the ServiceNow marketplace.

Cloud Coach launched a Customer Success solution, adding the capability to its onboarding of a PSA application. Interprefy renamed its advanced automated live speech translation solution for meetings and events. GoCardless announced that it has extended its partnership with Intuit QuickBooks.

Coveo revealed that it has joined the MACH Alliance. Groupon has formed a partnership with SiteMinder, a hotel software platform provider that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels. APC Postal Logistics has formed a partnership with Shipium, the modern shipping platform for eCommerce retailers, brands, and LSPs.

Deazy announced the appointment of Marko Ivanovski as its new CTO. Percona, the open-source database vendor, has appointed Liz Warner to the position of Chief Technology Officer.

Two companies announced new offers. Qualys has made its Enterprise TruRisk Platform free for 30 days. Jitterbit has announced two promotions for its products.

Digital Turbine, in collaboration with Qrious Insight, released a report series on social media advertising performance. Cobalt Iron has received a European patent for its Cyber Event Responsiveness. Research sponsored by Travel Counsellors for Business has discovered that 60% of SMEs are planning to spend more on international travel. A new study by Auctane suggests that 73% of US consumers blend online research, physical store visits, and options like buy-online-pickup-in-store or in-store returns before making purchase decisions.

In the latest tip, Clive Sirkin, Executive Chair of ScreenDragon, talks about looking around corners.

In a new podcast, John Petrie of NTT talks about how NTT Groop manages, trains and retains its cadre of CISOs.


Copado announced the general availability of Test Copilot, the AI-powered test creation assistant. Powered by CopadoGPT, Test Copilot is an intuitive way for users of all experience levels to build precise tests for Salesforce with greater efficiency. Coupled with Copado Explorer, it is a powerful way to deliver quality releases at an enterprise scale.

Esko Hannula, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Copado, commented, “Copado is in the business of giving people their time back. By eliminating repeated tasks and using AI to automate the test creation process, Copado is helping release teams work faster than ever before while improving release quality. With our AI-powered testing solutions, Copado customers are not only accelerating software testing but simplifying it.”


For Earth Day, Deltek revealed four ways that employees helped to celebrate the day with ecological and sustainable activities. At its Herndon HQ, volunteers picked up trash in support of Deltek’s Adopt-A-Highway program. In the Netherlands, a group will join the Het Groene Strand, a local beach clean-up event, on May 31.

In the Philippines employees recently joined a local clean-up drive and an event for the release of baby turtles. While in Denmark, employees joined a larger national community clean-up (waste collection) on April 26.


Makip continues winning new customers for Unisize. Last week, there were four announcements, including:

Rimini Street

Rimini Street appointed  Steve Hershkowitz as its new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Hershkowitz previously worked in senior leadership positions at Cisco and HP/HPE.

Seth Ravin, Rimini Street President and CEO, said, “Steve’s leadership and extensive experience scaling businesses to deliver top-line growth will expand our sales reach to capture new logos and increase our opportunity to provide even greater value to our clients. The global revenue team and I are excited to work closely together with Steve to drive growth and broader capabilities for our company.”


TSIA published several podcasts and articles last week (Subscription required). These include the Framework: Navigating the Remote Services Continuum. A Strategic Roadmap to Unlocking the Potential of Telemetry. This report discusses developing and using smart, connected products to progress from service efficiency to customer process optimization to customer outcomes.

Another framework article, Customer Success Dashboards, highlights the key metrics for customer success teams and discusses the different components of a customer health score.

The article Balancing Growth and the Leaky Bucket discusses the dynamics between defending installed base revenue and growing revenue in the installed base.


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