DeazyAppointment © 2017 Image by Alexander from Pixabay has announced the appointment of Marko Ivanovski as its new CTO. He will help drive the expansion of the digital delivery platform. Ivanovski will be responsible for standardising technology operations and improving the platform. He will also explore how GenAI can help both customers and Deazy. He will also work with key customers as a senior sponsor.

Ivanovski replaces Gus Chadney, the Co-Founder and previous CTO who left the company in August last year. And who is now the Data Lead at Centre for Net Zero, part of the Octopus Energy Group. It isn’t clear why Chadney left the company.

Andy Peddar, CEO of Deazy, commented, “The role of CTO is pivotal in any organisation, but it’s doubly so for Deazy. We must find a way to simultaneously provide our clients with the best possible technology teams and solutions while also ensuring that we are creating the optimal set of technology products, including our platform, using the right strategic approach that will enable us to scale successfully. He’s already brought an energy and focus to the role and his experience of working with enterprises and startups makes him a fantastic fit.”

Who is Marko Ivanovski

Marko Ivanovski, CTO of Deazy (image credit - LinkedIn/Marko Ivanovski)
Marko Ivanovski, CTO of Deazy

Ivanovski has more than 20 years of experience working in the B2B sector. He began his career as a full-stack developer. He rose quickly to take on several senior technology positions across financial services, utilities, and health for startups and enterprises.

Most recently, he has been Chief Technology Officer at Invisible Homes, an off market real estate platform. He also spent four years at Humantity Inc. as CTO. Humanity Inc. is a health tech startup where he led the creation of its platform and built the development team. Ivanovski began his career in New Zealand but has also worked in Australia, the UK and North Macedonia.

Marko Ivanovski, CTO of Deazy, commented, “Deazy is on the cusp of a major breakthrough and its model is the perfect fit for the enterprise market. Enterprises are struggling to find the tech talent with the capacity and capability to help them achieve their goals, and using Deazy is a highly effective way of doing so. It’s a great time to join the company, and I’m excited about what can be achieved.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

In Ivanovski, Deazy has found an experienced CTO who has developed startup development teams and also worked with enterprises. This experience should help Deazy bring a voice of experience to the table when talking to customers such as RAC, Popeyes and Fleetcor.

His breadth of experience, coupled with the benefits of the Deazy platform and the newly appointed Deazy Sales team, should help the company realise its expansion ambitions.


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