Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Knowledge in the flow – Lighting the Fuse

Fuse, the vendor behind the learning platform that lights up learning in organisations, has created a new Knowledge Intelligence Engine. It has combined its solution with that of newly acquired PowerGuides...
What are the challenges for a Chief Data Officer? (Image Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash)

What are the challenges for a Chief Data Officer?

The role of the Chief Data Officer is relatively new for many organisations and is, therefore, evolving. But what does a Chief Data Officer do, and how do they impact the...
London Metropolitan Police seize £180 million in cryptocurrency (Image Credit: Kyle Bushnell on Unsplash)

London Metropolitan Police seize £180 million in cryptocurrency

The London Metropolitan Police has seized £180 million ($249 million) in cryptocurrency. It surpasses the previous record of £114 million ($158 million) set just three weeks ago. Importantly, the police have...
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Why is a unified data model important for Professional Services Organisations?

Why is a unified data model important for Professional Services Organisations? This is one question that a recently published Mavenlink whitepaper (registration required) authored by Roy Edwards of Enterprise Times seeks...
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Epicor delivers Insights on cloud adoption

Epicor has published the findings of its Insights report. The US published a summary of some findings, and the full report is available for download here. The full report is 26...
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Is AI the future of finance?

AI is impacting many areas of business. Unit4 has published an eBook that asks what the future of decision making looks like in finance and what part AI will play in...
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Hexagon carves EAM out of Infor for $2.75 billion

Hexagon AB is to spend US$2.75 billion on acquiring Infor’s global Enterprise Asset Management Business. The terms of the deal also include a deeper commercial relationship between Hexagon and Infor. There...
What are the challenges Hybrid Working poses? (Image Credit: vadim kaipov on Unsplash)

What are the challenges Hybrid Working poses?

Hybrid working is here to stay. People do not want to return full-time to the office now that they have experienced working from home. Employers who saw remote working as a...
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Tech Trailblazers starts tenth search for outstanding organisations

The Tech Trailblazer Awards are open for submissions once again. In its tenth year, the process has always been virtual and showcases some of the brightest startups in the industry. The...
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Slack continues enabling digitisation

Slack has unveiled three new features for its collaboration platform. Each provides a significant step towards enabling the creation of a virtual office. Slack Huddles enables conversations to move from messaging...


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Digital Shelf Institute identifies main features for eCommerce profits

The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) has published a new report, "The Primary Drivers of Profitability Across the Digital Shelf." The report was authored by...
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Can Pricefx continue growth with a new CRO?

Pricefx is celebrating a strong first half of 2021. The global leader in cloud pricing software has continued to add new customers and new...
Blockchain Catch-up

Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 29 (2021)

This is Charles Brett's start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ Week 29. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective. It is not intended to be comprehensive but...
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RSM selects Unit4 PSA; what about Workday?

RSM US LLP (RSM) has extended its agreement with Unit4 for its Cloud PSA solution build on Dynamics CRM. The news comes only a...
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Talkwalker hires Nielsen as CEO

Talkwalker, a leading consumer intelligence company, has appointed Tod Nielsen as its new global CEO. Nielsen will take over from Robert Glaesener, who becomes...
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Salesforce completes acquisition of Slack

Salesforce has completed its acquisition of Slack Technologies. The companies say together Salesforce and Slack are creating the digital HQ for success from anywhere....
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The new Planview emerges with a roar

A few months after its acquisition of Changepoint and Clarizen and the appointment of Razat Gaurav as CEO, Planview has broken its silence. In...
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Five tips to improve your online conversion rates

5 #tips from Serge Milbank (CEO) and Dan Garner (CPO), co-founders of @ConferWith on #customer conversion in #ECommerce
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Vimeo and TikTok partner to drive video ads with businesses

Vimeo a video software solution and TikTok, have formed a partnership that integrates Vimeo's video tools with the TikTok platform. The partnership gives small...
BlueVoyant unleashes its Modern SOC for Splunk Cloud Platform (Image Credit: FLY:D on Unsplash)

BlueVoyant unleashes its Modern SOC for Splunk Cloud Platform

BlueVoyant has launched the BlueVoyant Modern SOC for Splunk® Cloud Platform. The service is designed to make it easier for companies to get the...

Figure chosen by Apollo for blockchain collaboration

Apollo Global Management (Apollo) and Figure Technologies (Figure) have announced that affiliates of Apollo and Figure have entered into an agreement to collaborate on...
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Ephesoft updates its Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Ephesoft has unveiled the latest updates to its Document Processing platform, Transact 2020.1.05. The update was available to customers from 13th July for both...
CJEU asked to rule on Facebook contract vs consent (Image Credit: Cout of Justice of the European Union)

CJEU asked to rule on Facebook contract vs consent

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has been asked to rule on Facebook's use of "contracts" to circumvent "consent". The Austrian...
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SAP to invest €250 million into the UK

SAP will invest €250 million into the UK over the next five years, about £215 million. Most of that investment seems likely to be...