Cloud CoachCloud Coach Launches Customer Success Solution - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, the PSA and customer onboarding solution built on the Salesforce platform, has stolen a march on Certinia by launching a Customer Success solution. CloudCoach Customer Success is a comprehensive account management solution designed for Customer Success Managers and Account Managers.

Where Cloud Coach Customer Success differentiates itself from point solutions is the integration with Salesforce, Cloud Coach Onboarding and Cloud Couch PSA. The integration enables customers to track the customer experience from lead, through onboarding to services delivery and beyond. It removes what are often data siloes, leveraging the Salesforce platform to deliver complete visibility.

All the data resides within the Salesforce platform enabling analytics to take full advantage. While the current iteration does not appear to take advantage of any of the Salesforce AI or Generative AI capabilities, one suspects that those features may emerge in the future.

Daryl Garcia, CEO at Cloud Coach (image credit - LinkedIn/Daryl Garcia)
Daryl Garcia, CEO at Cloud Coach

Daryl Garcia, (Interim) CEO at Cloud Coach, said, “All too frequently, organizations are managing Onboarding, Services, & Success through multiple, disparate platforms.

“With Cloud Coach Customer Success, businesses can now manage their full Customer 360 from one place. Data is no longer siloed, the administration burden of managing a range of solutions is removed, and adoption is simplified. 

“Ultimately, customers can use the power of the Salesforce platform to surface data that really matters, giving their accounts the best possible chance of success.” 

What does Cloud Coach Customer Success do?

Six key features within the platform enable organisations to track account goals, tickets, and stakeholders seamlessly. The core features include the following:

  • Customer Scorecards: Health scorecards deliver a historic view of current key metrics as well as the current values. Metrics tracked include NPS, CSAT, open cases, and an overall health score.
  • Account View: The Account view delivers a colour-coded value for key metrics. And an indication of whether they are trending up or down. It means that even if you know that a customer’s score is low, you can quickly see if mitigating actions are having an impact. It shows details such as the percentage of healthy accounts, customer health, relationships, engagement and satisfaction. It will also indicate the profitability of accounts.
  • Manage Stakeholders: A visual organisation chart that shows who the key stakeholders are for customers, including partners — enabling CSMs to keep track and update when changes occur. It is also possible to tie track health scores to individuals.
  • Visualize Progress: Provides a view of where tasks and projects within the Customer Success domain are.
  • All Your Meetings in One Place: Enables users to focus on meetings and their outcomes within Cloud Coach My Day. Users can search meetings for keywords, set up new meetings using templates and score interactions with customers as well.
  • Track Project Time: Record billable and non-billable time spent on Customer Success projects or other work. These can then be drawn down against customer entitlements.
Cloud Coach Customer Success
Cloud Coach Customer Success

Nic Widhalm, CRO at Cloud Coach, said, “For businesses to be truly successful, Customer Success teams will move away from simply looking at traditional metrics like retention and instead view the Customer 360 in its entirety.

“By providing customer information in real-time, from one unified place, Customer Success teams can take the proactive steps needed to not only retain accounts, but expand them — reducing the burden on sales teams.”

Early adopters of the solution are impressed with Canidium noting, “The biggest value add has been having that central tool where we can see what everyone is doing and where things are trending.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Cloud Coach may have beaten Certinia by launching its Customer Success. However, as of writing this article Customer Success does not have an entry on the Salesforce App Exchange. There is also no pricing available for the solution. Customers can ask to schedule a demonstration of the new solution. There is also a webinar produced by Salesforce that includes a demonstration of the software.

It will be interesting to see how quickly Cloud Coach can gain tractions in the market for this solution. At first glance, it is not as comprehensive as the Certinia one. And certainly lacks the integration to the financial management element that Certinia has. However, for smaller organisations, this is a solution that is worth looking at, especially if combined with its other applications.


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