Conversation with Rootstock Image Credit PixabayTumisu

Talking to the new CEO of Rootstock, Rick Berger

Rick Berger was appointed CEO of Rootstock in April. He has an impressive resumé of leadership with ERP vendors such as Infor and Oracle, working mainly in retail technology. Most recently,...
Globe Network Image Ccredit Pete Linforth Pixabay

Talking Geospatial with Drew Millen of VertiGIS

Drew Millen is the Chief Technology Officer at VertiGIS. He has been with the company for 21 years, starting as a Software Developer. VertiGIS is one of those companies that has...
AI Digital Eye Image by Eric from Pixabay

How Qualys is using AI to advance cybersecurity

The cybersecurity industry continues to talk about AI as if it is the missing link in their security strategy. Most companies are now integrating elements of AI into their products. But...
Conversation with Pipefy : Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A conversation with Pipefy

Enterprise Times spoke to Leonardo Tomadon, executive Director for go-to-market strategy, at Pipefy recently. According to Tomadon, "Pipefy is the best low/no-code solution for building and automating any type of process...
Data security is critical in a world of data sharing (Image Credit: getty-images-9uUdILUtvDU-unsplash)

Data security is critical in a world of data sharing

Data security is one of those problems that consume vast amounts of time and effort in most IT departments. Secure it too tight and people cannot access what they need to...
Conversation with Clari Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A Conversation with Clari

Andy Byrne co-founded Clari in 2013 and has always been its CEO. He has led the organisation through its tremendous growth. During its history, it has achieved something that few others...
SoftIron is making cloud and virtualisation simpler (Image Credit: getty-images-ONQeqIIF4nY-unsplash)

SoftIron is making cloud and virtualisation simpler

SoftIron cut its cloud teeth by delivering a cloud-scale storage solution. Talking to customers, it discovered that while many wanted the benefits of public cloud, they also wanted a private environment...
Dragon Image by Josch13 from Pixabay

Screendragon roars

Clive Sirkin is the Executive Chair at Screendragon, managing the board. He drives business development and works with the executive team. Clive was a two-time customer of Screendragon at Kellogg, where...
Yellow HIVE Image by namnt from Pixabay

Hive, a project management solution with ambitions

I had the opportunity to sit down with John Furneaux, CEO and founder of HIVE. We spoke about the company and the future of project management. “Hive is the world's first democratically...
11:11 Systems is showing customers what cyber resiliency really means – image Licensed under the Unsplash+ License In collaboration with Mike Hindle

11:11 Systems is showing customers what cyber resiliency really means

11:11 Systems is a Managed Infrastructure Solutions Provider (MISP) with data centres in the US, Europe and Asia. Recently, the company has been talking about its focus on Cyber Resiliency. It...


Tracebit secures US$5 million in a seed funding round (Image Credit: cesar-ardila-NY2XW5MaOnc-unsplash)

Tracebit Secures US$5 Million in a Seed Funding Round

Tracebit has secured US$5 million in a seed funding round led by Accel. The company is looking to bring a cloud-based approach to threat...
WaveBL adopts Gleif LEI to identify shippers (Image Credit: ian-taylor-jOqJbvo1P9g-unsplash)

WaveBL Adopts GLEIF LEI to Identify Shippers

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) and WaveBL want to improve visibility regarding shippers' identities. To do that, the two organisations will work...
BlueVoyant unveils new Security Operations platform (Image Credit: getty-images-ljW47-5Up34-unsplash)

BlueVoyant unveils new Security Operations platform

BlueVoyant has launched its Cyber Defense Platform. The platform combines internal, supply chain, and external defence solutions and gives IT security teams a single...
Appointment - Image by Alexander from Pixabay

Box Appoints Samantha Wessels, President of Box EMEA

Box has announced the appointment of Samantha Wessels as President of Box EMEA.  She replaces Sébastien Marotte, who previously held the role for three...
Celigo (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Celigo unveils July release which achieves Snowflake ready technology validation, and partnership with CData

Celigo, an integration solution provider has made product updates in its July release. The company says the release was designed to streamline workflows,...
SlashNext warns FishXProxy lowers barrier for cybercriminals (Image Credit: getty-images-XnThBa6SSo4-unsplash)

SlashNext Warns FishXProxy Lowers Barrier for Cybercriminals

SlashNext has warned of a new phishing kit that makes it easier for cybercriminals to launch believable attacks. The FishXProxy Phishing Kit provides a...
Mr Gibu Mathew, VP and GM of Zoho APAC presenting at Zoholics

Zoholics Lands in Seoul for the First Time

Zoho held a Zoholics event in South Korea for the first time. It recognises the importance of the market for Zoho. The event, which...
Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Avetta Hires CMO to Lead Growth Charge

Avetta has announced the appointment of Gretchen Eischen as Chief Marketing Officer. Eischen will take over the responsibility for Avetta’s brand positioning, marketing strategy,...
PPM Express Pricing Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay

PPM Vendor Introduces Flat Rate Unlimited User Pricing of $500 Per Month

PPM Express, an integrated portfolio and project management solution is now available for a flat rate of $500 per month. The vendor has four...
Results Celebrus - image credit Pixabay/Geralt

Celebrus Closes on Share Price High

Celebrus announced its full-year results for the year ending March 31st 2024 and published its annual report. It has been a solid year of...
Cloudflare finds just 29% of European businesses prepared for a cyberattack (Image Credit: getty-images-KDMsC1xglWs-unsplash)

Cloudflare finds just 29% of European businesses prepared for a cyberattack

Cloudflare research shows that just 29% of European organisations say they are well prepared for future cyberattacks. It's a chilling statistic. While small organisations...
Android Robot Image Credit Pixabay/RonyMichaud

Sailes Digital Labor Study Shows Sailbots Deliver Sales Success

Sailes has published the Digital Labor Study, 2024. The study examines how the Sailes technology has benefitted customers. It looks at the automation that...
Analgue Black Box (Image credit Pixavbay

Sailes Opens the Black Box of AI

Sailes announced two new features alongside a new report that it has published. Find out more from the Digital Labor Study 2024 report here....
Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

SER Hires John David as CRO to Lead Investment Backed Growth

SER has announced the appointment of John David as its new Chief Revenue Officer. David has over 25 years of experience in sales and...