BigCommerce (credit image/Pixabay/ Markus Winkler)BigCommerce has launched the B2B Edition Open Source Buyer Portal. The platform gives enterprise manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, developers and agency partners creative control to build and customise the optimal B2B buyer experience.

Having full access to the Buyer Portal’s open-source code equips B2B brands with the robust foundation to create tailored buyer experiences designed to meet their unique industry demands and workflows. Sellers can deliver a bespoke customer experience throughout the entire buyer lifecycle from product discovery to the sale. They can now extend into service and warranty support directly from a single portal. BigCommerce says by leveraging this platform, B2B brands can potentially decrease time and costs involved in developing their eCommerce sites. As a result, they can streamline operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Lance Owide)
Lance Owide, B2B general manager at BigCommerce

“With this release, BigCommerce B2B Edition is the only Enterprise focused, open-source B2B buyer portal application backed by a robust set of SaaS APIs. Optimised to deliver the performance and flexibility, enterprise brands now have a solid foundation that can shave weeks off development. In addition to providing full control enterprises desire. Without the burden of building from the ground up to create a buyer/seller experience that hits the mark,” said Lance Owide, senior director and general manager of B2B at BigCommerce.

The Open Source Buyer Portal complements BigCommerce’s B2B Edition, a flagship suite of out-of-the-box B2B functionalities. The solution collectively work together to provide B2B customers of all sizes with an open and intuitive B2B solution. BigCommerce says it transforms legacy B2B practices into a modern, agile and nimble digital operation with a composable foundation ready to scale with the business.

Key benefits of the Open Source Buyer Portal include

Customised Purchasing Experiences. From a single backend, curate tailored purchasing experiences based on a buyer’s specific region, industry vertical and unique buying processes. This is expected to better meet buyer expectations, drive conversions and build brand loyalty.

Streamlined Servicing. Create integrated servicing experiences specific to industry best practices, including warranties, customer support and product servicing. BigCommerce says this helps to improve efficiency for customers and seller service teams.

Faster Time-to-Market. Removes the requirement for developers to build foundational B2B components, speeding up time-to-market and potentially more revenue generation.
Reduced Development Costs. Leverages a pre-built foundation and access to source code. This enables B2B brands to potentially save valuable development time, cost and resources for faster iterations and implementations. The company says this is achieved without compromising the buyer experience.

A transformative shift

“The release of the B2B Edition open-sourced Buyer Portal marks a pivotal moment in the B2B ecosystem. It heralds a transformative shift in how businesses operate,” said Wayne Stratbucker, BigCommerce platform manager at

This innovative approach supports enterprise B2B customers with unparalleled customisation options. It aligns perfectly with their diverse needs, all while retaining the streamlined efficiency inherent in SaaS solutions. Embracing open source ends the era of cumbersome, costly and outdated custom platforms of the past. It also unlocks opportunities to shape the future of B2B eCommerce.”

B2B Edition Buyer Portal is available globally for single and multi-storefronts with localised buyer experiences, including language, content, pricing and promotions. It is now offered both out-of-the-box and open-sourced, giving midmarket and enterprise B2B customers the advantage of next-level B2B functionalities. B2B Edition Buyer Portal automates administrative processes while streamlining the buyer-seller relationship to better efficiently manage orders, quotes and workflows. The solution is expected to reduce operational burden and influence customer loyalty and conversion.

Last September, BigCommerce published the results of its Global B2B Buyer Behaviour Report. The report documented the changing habits and preferences of B2B buyers in the US, UK and Australia. It suggested a continued blurring of lines between consumer retail and B2B eCommerce trends. B2B buyers increasingly expect the same experience they get as consumers. Engaging mobile responsive sites, product and pricing transparency and a frictionless checkout experience.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses.

Compared to its competitors, BigCommerce’s B2B solutions have been playing catchup with the likes of Adobe Commerce and Salesforce. Last year, the company launched additional new features and functionalities to its B2B Edition solution. Hence the launch of the buying portal platform. With access to the buyer portal source code, enterprise B2B brands can achieve deeper customisation to create unique buyer experiences. The B2B Edition Open Source Buyer Portal is expected to meet industry-specific needs and solve complex workflows. BigCommerce says its solution will work faster, at scale and at lower cost.


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