Logicalis has launched Intelligent Security. The company calls it “a blueprint approach to its global security portfolio designed to deliver proactive advanced security for customers worldwide.” It includes identifying security needs, choosing the right solutions and then securing the enterprise.

Toby Alcock, CTO, Logicalis (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Toby Alcock, CTO, Logicalis

Logicalis CTO Toby Alcock said: “Many organisations focus on one area of the security fabric; we recognise in today’s cyber security landscape there are no silos; organisations must look across the entire footprint, from secure connectivity, securing the cloud, securing the hybrid worker and weaving secure operations across the entire organisation”.

What does Intelligent Security provide?

Intelligent Security is a service rather than a specific product. It is aimed at the CIO/CISO and designed to provide them with visibility across the organisation. It is built on the Logicalis’ Digital Fabric Platform.

There are two distinct parts to Intelligent Security. The first is the advisory services. Logicalis deliver these and includes an Intelligent Security assessment. Based on that assessment, customers review their IT infrastructure security and begin to deliver Secure Operations.

Secure Operations is an overall term for a coherent security framework that covers three main areas. Logicalis calls these Secure Workplace, Secure Connectivity and Secure Hybrid Cloud.

Logicalis Intelligent Security (Image Credit: Logicalis)

In the announcement, Logicalis describes components of Intelligent Security as

  • Advisory: Providing customers with a range of advisory services dedicated to helping them understand their security needs and identify the right solutions for their business.
  • Secure workplace: Securing worker communications and devices as remote working continues to impact the workplace security landscape.
  • Secure connectivity: Enforcing zero trust security from edge-to-edge, ensuring networks are robust enough to enable safe IoT, 5G and edge computing.
  • Secure hybrid cloud: Safeguarding cloud environments to ensure data, applications, and IT resources are safe.
  • Secure Operations: Providing 24/7/365 best practice proactive threat detection and incident response, across three global security regions, using AI and automation to identify and triage.

Logicalis investing in cyber skills and capabilities

Logicalis has also announced a series of investments in its own services and partners. The key announcements are:

  • Expanding the Managed Security (SOC) team in Portugal, which currently serves customers across EMEA, including the UK, Ireland and Germany
  • Partnering with Cisco to develop a Cyber Academy and a pipeline of qualified cybersecurity graduates into the EMEA Security team
  • Partnering with local universities in Portugal to develop an Intern program, which helps develop cybersecurity skills to serve the EMEA region and beyond.
  • Achieving Microsoft-verified Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) Partner Status
  • Becoming the sixth global partner working with Cisco to develop an XDR proposition and  launching Cisco Powered Intelligent Connectivity

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Logicalis wants to make it easier for CIOs and CISOs to see what the security posture of their organisations is. One of the major challenges organisations face is a coherent view of the risks they face. This is often due to too many overlapping tools, creating a problem in getting a single view of what is needed.

However, it is important to note that this starts with an engagement with the Logicalis consulting teams to create an Intelligent Security assessment. From that point on, the solution is part tools and part process. Importantly, Logicalis is not claiming to have all the tools needed. Instead, it relies on building a coherent view and then allowing customers to apply their tools to solve the problems.

The investment in its own capabilities is interesting. Expanding its SOCs across EMEA gives customers greater access in the country to key resources. Improving its partnerships with Cisco and Microsoft is also sensible.

It will be interesting to see the details of the intern program in Portugal and how quickly Logicalis establishes similar program across EMEA


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