Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Intuit partners with Practice Ignition for tax products

Intuit ProConnect has announced a new partnership with Practice Ignition (PI). Intuit ProConnect helps Tax professionals connect with the best Intuit solution to meet their needs, whether Intuit Lacerte Tax, Intuit...
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News from week beginning March 29th, 2021

News from week beginning March 29th, 2021 includes the acquisition of Harmony Business Systems (@HarmonyPSA) by @IngramMicroInc business @thisisCloudBlue @HarmonyPSA
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QAD Adaptive ERP 2021 launched for Manufacturers

QAD has unveiled its first major releases of 2021. QAD Adaptive ERP 2021 includes updates to the Adaptive User Experience (UX) and the QAD Enterprise Platform. It also includes functional improvements...
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How to make Digital Transformation easier

Digital transformation is not easy. If it were, then many more organisations would have completed it years ago. WalkMe has published a study based on a pulse survey carried out by...
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News from the week beginning 22nd March

News in week beginning 22nd March included product announcements from @Salesforce, @DocuSign, @Domotalk, @EasyProjectcom, @Procoretech, @Tableau @InsightSoftware, And @YellowfinBI
Unit4 Sold

How will the TA acquisition affect Unit4 going forward?

The announcement that TA Associates, with support, had bought Unit4 from  Advent International came as little surprise. Advent had been trying to sell its People-Centric ERP vendor for some time. Enterprise...
Sage Task Sheriff acquisition - Image credit Pixabay/Tumisu

Sage captures Task Sheriff

Sage has completed the acquisition of Task Sheriff. It is an AI-based Fintech SaaS technology start-up based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its solution analyses financial documents and converts them into journal...
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Deltek launches new global partner network

Will the new @Deltek partner network attract net new or just enhance the experience of companies such as @SilverSoftSA and @ReachFullSail
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Cory goes live on Infor EAM

Cory Riverside Energy has gone live on a cloud-based Infor Enterprise Asset Management solution at its main facility in Belvedere, Kent. It intends to roll out the solution to its transfer...
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Major Chinese Logistics company picks up Infor

Deppon Express has selected Infor EAM as a key component in its logistics assets management's digital transformation. Deppon has more than 500,000 assets, including 15,000 commercial vehicles, 26,000 courier vehicles, and...


Mondelēz snacks on AwareGO security training (Image Credit: Bermix Studio on Unsplash)

Mondelēz snacks on AwareGO security training

AwareGo has signed a three year deal with Mondelēz International to supply security awareness training to the food giant. Mondelēz sees an advantage to...
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Digital commerce companies flock to join the MACH Alliance

Membership of the MACH Alliance has swollen recently with a number of new recruits to the cause. Myplanet, an early pioneer in the headless...
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How do I type letters with an accent quickly?

Here is a #tip on when you need an #accent for a letter not found on the #keyboard. You can get it by using the Alt Gr key found on the right of the spacebar. #MSWord
Golden Chicken lays more_eggs backdoor for LinkedIn jobseekers (Image Credit: Tengyart on Unsplash)

Golden Chicken lays more_eggs backdoor for LinkedIn jobseekers

The Golden Chicken threat actor is currently running a spearphishing campaign that leaves the fileless backdoor more_eggs on its victim’s computer. The details of...
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Kimble creates an advisory board with Enterprise customers

Kimble has held the first meeting of a new Enterprise Advisory Board. It brings together peers from major professional services organisations that are also...
ThreatQuotient secures US $22.5 million in new finance deal (Image Credit: Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash)

ThreatQuotient secures US $22.5 million in new finance deal

ThreatQuotient has secured US $22.5 million in new financing. The money is a combination of equity and debt financing from an investment syndicate. That...
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Sellercloud releases order cancellation solution for eRetailers

Sellercloud, a multi-channel eCommerce management platform with billions of dollars in ‘Gross Merchandise Volume’ (GMV), has released Memaila. The platform helps eCommerce merchant streamline...
Mitigating Microsoft Exchange attack and the rise of XMRig (Image Credit: Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash)

Mitigating Microsoft Exchange attack and the rise of XMRig

April’s NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report is focused on the ongoing Microsoft Exchange attack and the growing incidents involving XMRig. It is over a...
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Digital Planet introduces new customer portal to deliver data analytics

Digital Planet has launched a self-service customer portal facility that leverages the Yellowfin data analytics software using the Exasol analytics database. The portal was...

Cosmos enables IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) token transfers

Cosmos has enabled Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) transfers on its Cosmos Hub. This makes it possible for sovereign blockchains to transfer digital assets (tokens) and...
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Global spend on apps rise by 40%

Research by App Annie reveal consumers spent $32bn on in-apps purchases across iOS and Google Play globally in Q1 2021. This is the biggest...
Soda releases new cloud platform for trusted data (Image Credit: Emily Morter on Unsplash)

Soda releases new cloud platform for trusted data

Soda has released Soda Cloud. It calls it a: “data observability and collaboration platform that helps data teams get ahead of the silent data...
Reputation - Nuvi acquisition - Image credit Pixabay/Tumisu

Building Reputation through acquisition

Reputation has announced its first acquisition of 2021, with the reputation experience management company snapping up Nuvi for an undisclosed sum. Nuvi has an...
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Marketing in professional services, a tip

A tip by Mark Robinson, @KimbleApps on whether a professional services firm should invest in PR. Practical advice from an industry leader.