How to change or add a Status in Zoho Project - Unsplash+ In collaboration with Getty ImagesWe are currently using the “Premium” version of the Zoho Projects. While the “Enterprise” version has far more customisation options available, there are some very useful personalisation features within the “Premium” version.

This software is great for keeping projects on track. You can assign tasks to various people in your organisation and see the progress of all the projects. One way to quickly and visually see where the project is in its journey at any time is its Status. Zoho Projects comes with two different Status lists. One for the project and one for the tasks inside a project.

List of default ones for the Project. Project status indicators

I will cover these in the next tip.

Your organisation may already have its own language about project statuses. Your organisation might prefer “Completed” rather than “Closed”, for example. Should you, like me, need to change the text of these status options, here is how I do it.

Project Status text change

  • Select projects from the left most part of the home screen.
  • Left menuOR hold down the [Z key] and the [P key] together on your keyboard.
  • Select the [New Project] button at the top-right of the screen. New Project Button

(We are not going to create a new project.)

  • Select the pencil icon to the right of the Standard Layout at the top-right of the screen.New Project Button

This will open the standard layout screen where you can edit the status text. Layout of standard Layout

  • Click on the icon to the right of the word Status. Status area

This opens the list of default status options.

At the bottom right you will find the [+Add Status] area. Add a status

  • Select the [+Add Status]. Type a new status option
  • Type in the Status text you require.
  • Select the dropdown arrow to choose a colour to be displayed. Select a colour
  • Select [Apply changes button].

You are taken back to the Standard Layout screen.

  • Select the [Save Layout Button].
  • Select [Apply changes button].
  • Close the layout by clicking on the cross at the top right of the screen.
  • Select one of the many projects you have and apply the new status to that project. Status applied

To delete a Status

Follow the steps from the beginning up to opening the standard layout list of status options.

Hover over the status you require to delete.

To the right of this status a bin icon appears. Delete tool

  • Select it.
  • Select [Apply changes button]. Small Apply Change Button
  • Select [Save layout Button].Save Layout Button
  • Select [Apply changes button].Attention Apply Change Button
  • Select [Close] on layout screen at the top right of the window. Close window

Now, you have customised, to your preferences, status options for the projects you handle. My next tip will show you how to add and delete status options in the Task lists.


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