Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on UnsplashCreditinfo has announced the appointment of John Cannon as its first Global Chief Customer Officer. Cannon will lead the strategy and execution behind Creditinfo’s solutions and products for all 30 of its credit bureaus. Creditinfo is a global credit bureau and information services group with operations across four continents. Cannon will report direct to Satrajit Saha, CEO of Creditinfo.

As Chief Customer Officer, Cannon will play a key part in driving financial inclusion globally. Enabling access to credit for SMEs and individuals. Creditinfo aims to facilitate access to finance for unbanked and underbanked entities and individuals. The firm recently launched the first credit rating agency in Tanzania in partnership with the ICRA (International Credit Rating Agency).

Cannon will also ensure that the company is innovating in ways that meet the customer needs. Delivering the products and services they want to use, and maximising value for both the customer and Creditinfo. He will also use more than 25 years of experience in the industry to identify, validate and help roll out new business opportunities to help with the growth of Creditinfo.

Satrajit Saha, Global CEO at Creditinfo, said, “With firm roots in the global financial industry and a strong track record as a senior executive leader, John is an excellent addition to our senior leadership team. As we look to expand our global footprint and facilitate access to finance for millions of consumers and businesses worldwide, having John on board is a huge advantage, not only for our own innovation and growth but also for our customers as they turn to us to provide world-class and transformative solutions and products.”

Who is John Cannon

of John Cannon, Global Chief Customer Officer, Creditinfo (image credit - LinkedIn /John Cannon)
John Cannon, Global Chief Customer Officer, Creditinfo

Cannon has nearly thirty years in the global data information industry. He joined Creditinfo from Xapien, where he was Managing Director, Global Partnerships & Alliances. He is no stranger to the role of CCO, having held that position at Xydus. During his career, he spent five years at the Callcredit Information Group. Then nearly six years at TransUnion, which bought Callcredit in 2018. He also worked for Equifax and Infocheck.

Cannon has deep experience in the global finance sector and is a recognised industry expert. Over the last couple of years he has also acted as an advisor to Private equity firms as well as assisting smaller companies such as Xapien.

Cannon commented, “I’m delighted to join Creditinfo, a company that is committed to enriching people’s lives through unlocking access to financial inclusion. This, and its international culture, is what drew me to the company. I look forward to working with the remarkable Creditinfo team to support the next phase of its growth journey.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

It is another significant corporate gig for Cannon after spending a few years working with startups. It will be interesting to see how he influences Creditinfo and brings some of the energy he experienced at the startups he worked with.

For Creditinfo, this is a solid hire with an experienced industry veteran who has much to offer. Cannon seems to have been attracted by the values of Creditinfo: Respect, Innovation and No Nonsense. It will be interesting to see how Cannon creates and evolves what is a new role at the firm.


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