Saks Media Network (credit image/Pixabay/Ray Marsh)Saks, a luxury eCommerce platform, has launched the Saks Media Network. The network is a technology-driven programme helping brands reach the luxury retailer’s customer base with digital advertising throughout the shopping journey. Through the Saks Media Network, brands can boost revenues on through sponsored product ads and on-site display banners. Saks says the network leverages the company’s iconic brand, rich first-party customer data and robust traffic of over 435 million annual site visits.

Saks says it is committed to introducing customers to inspiring fashion. The company aims to support this mission by helping brands deliver product inspiration and discovery that aligns with customers’ interests. As a leading expert on the luxury consumer, Saks is broadening its capabilities. This includes creating inspiring on-site experience for luxury shoppers, optimising the use of first-party data within the Saks Media Network.

Kristin Maa, Senior Vice President, Growth, Saks.

With the launch of our Saks Media Network, we are expanding our offerings for brand partners. We will help their products reach the right luxury customers when and where they are actively looking to purchase,” said Kristin Maa, Senior Vice President, Growth, Saks. “Our view of the full shopping journey across the Saks Fifth Avenue digital and physical ecosystem enables meaningful, personalised customer engagement and product discovery. The Saks Media Network is the next step in leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise to enhance the customer experience.”

Serving the full continuum of luxury shoppers

The company says it is progressing on its strategy to serve the full continuum of luxury shoppers. The Saks Media Network will expand the potential of its iconic brand, rich first-party customer data and robust site traffic while strengthening relationships with brand partners. Saks’ strategic in-house media team leverages customised strategies to help brand partners drive business.

They will match their specific goals with opportunities to achieve them, supported by comprehensive reporting and insights. Saks says it maintains deep relationships with high-value luxury consumers at scale. The launch of the network brings the opportunity to engage with this customer segment to a broader set of partners.

Ramy Brook Sharp, Founder and Creative Director of Ramy Brook, added, “Saks’ Media Network presented an exciting new avenue. It can help us achieve our business goals by increasing our brand’s visibility. In addition to driving improvements in both traffic and revenue for Ramy Brook on Saks’ eCommerce platform. Saks’ mission to help customers express themselves through inspiring fashion is closely aligned with our vision to empower women. Furthermore, help them feel confident wearing Ramy Brook. So, we were thrilled to embrace this new opportunity to engage with Saks customers.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

Saks joins this rapidly growing vertical in digital advertising, introducing one of the first retail media networks in luxury retail. The company plans to put centre-stage the user experience of luxury shoppers. The network has the potential to expand Saks’s brand beyond its traditional North American base. This entails fully utilising its first-party customer data and robust site traffic while strengthening relationships with brand partners.

Brands and retailers in the luxury space have no choice. They have to focus on providing a superior customer experience in their digital real estate. They cannot afford to irritate or annoy their customers with poor digital experiences. Hence a sensible move by Saks to launch its network connecting brand partner with luxury shoppers. Enhancing product discovery opportunities for brands by effectively utilising data, only solidifies the relationship between Saks and its brand partners.


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