Links - Image credit, is an SEO agency specializing in generating high-quality backlinks for small businesses. It has announced that it will adopt Zoho for its future operations. LinkDaddy will implement Zoho One, which includes over 40 Apps that include many of Zoho’s applications in a single suite.

Using Zoho One, LinkDaddy believes that it will be able to offer better, tailored services to customers and improve the efficiency of its operations.

LinkDaddy joins the existing customer base of Zoho which already includes over 100 million users worldwide and is still expanding. LinkDaddy will adopt Zoho CRM, its powerful customer relationship management. The advantage that Zoho One gives is that it is an integrated suite of applications built on a single platform. It means that as applications are slowly adopted, they mesh data and processes together. Thus eliminating the need for duplication or integration solutions to combine their power.

Using the CRM software, LinkDaddy hopes to build closer relationships with clients. Helping them to grow and manage their brands with detailed analytics, enhanced customer engagement, automated workflows, predictive intelligence, and more.

LinkDaddy will also use other applications from the Zoho One Suite. Though the press release did not reveal exactly which ones the company would use.

Zoho One includes applications for Sales and Marketing teams. There are also applications to help with support, both customer and internal, communication and collaboration, productivity tools, finance, HCM and contract management. It will be interesting to see which applications LinkDaddy adopts and the difference they make.

LinkDaddy furthers its mission with Zoho

Tony Peacock, Founder and CEO of LinkDaddy (image credit - LinkedIn/Tony Peacock)
Tony Peacock, Founder and CEO of LinkDaddy

LinkDaddy has delivered digital marketing services to small businesses for nine years. Its services include the provision of backlinks, social media management and press release distribution. Its investment in Zoho will help increase efficiency, and using Zoho Creator, it could automate internal processes to further improve its services.

Tony Peacock, Founder and CEO of LinkDaddy, commented, “We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and we are also transparent about our pricing. We work closely with each client to develop a customized SEO strategy that meets their specific needs.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Zoho continues to prove its worth to small firms around the world. While many pick up a single application such as CRM or Projects, many are finding the Zoho One suite enticing. If they are able to consolidate their technology into a single stack, the pricing differential can be huge.

There are, however, several things missing from this announcement. The first is which applications, beyond CRM are LinkDaddy looking to adopt. The second, and arguably more pertinent, is how LinkDaddy is expected to improve its productivity using Zoho. Perhaps Zoho will persuade Peacock to complete a case study or customer video once the solution is live and working.


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