Rings integration Image credit Pixabay/The DigitalArtistInfosys announced two multi-year strategic collaborations. The two firms concerned are Colt and Telstra. The agreement with Colt is for five years, and that with Telstra is just stated as being a multi-year agreement.

Both agreements will see Infosys help with the digital transformation of both multi-national companies. Neither are new partnerships with Infosys, having worked with Telstra for over two decades.


The collaboration with Colt is bi-directional. Infosys will offer Colt’s SD-WAN, SASE and Network-as-a-Service solutions as part of its digital transformation services. In addition Colt’s customers will have access to the wide range of services that Infosys offers around cloud and digital infrastructure.

Infosys will also assist Colt with building Colt IO, a next-generation platform that will automate and simplify customer access to Colt’s services, systems, and processes.

Infosys will also advise Colt on its product roadmap to build out its managed network-as-a-service and application-centric infrastructure solutions. It will also help drive the integration between Colt and Lumen EMEA, the firm it acquired in November 2023.

Ash Surti, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Colt Technology Services, said, “We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Infosys as we continue our digital transformation journey to deliver the best possible experience for our employees, customers, and partners.”

Upendra Kohli, Executive Vice President – Communication, Media & Entertainment (Americas & Europe), Infosys ( image credit - LinkedIn/Upendra Kohli)
Upendra Kohli, Executive Vice President – Communication, Media & Entertainment (Americas & Europe), Infosys

Upendra Kohli, Executive Vice President – Communication, Media & Entertainment (Americas & Europe), Infosys, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Colt on the modernization of their intricate IT infrastructure. Our strategic digital transformation initiatives, aimed at enhancing efficiency and agility, will help Colt with enhanced customer experience and accelerate their transformational digital initiatives. As a growth partner for Colt, our commitment to innovating together underscores our shared vision for a successful digital future.”


The agreement with Telstra will see the Australian headquartered firm leverage Infosys’ AI-first suite of offerings, Infosys Topaz, and cloud suite of offerings, Infosys Cobalt, to further its digital transformation efforts. Infosys will also advise the telecom company on modern product engineering practices to elevate its customer and employee experience.

Kim Krogh Andersen, Group Executive, Product and Technology, Telstra, said, “Consumers around the world have significantly increased their expectations when it comes to the seamless, digital delivery of their products and services. As we approach the tipping point of Generative AI and an avalanche of digital adoption, strategic partnerships with global leaders such as Infosys are critical to support our shared ambitions for digital leadership.”

Salil Parekh, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys, said, “Infosys has a long-standing association with Telstra, supporting its many evolutions over the last two decades, and we’re excited to work with them on the next chapter of this journey. By leveraging Infosys Cobalt and Infosys Topaz, we can help Telstra accelerate its strategy for growth.”

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These are two significant announcements from Infosys this week. It continues to grow and show considerable strength and maturity in these markets. While the Telstra announcement is the deepening of an internal relationship for Telstra, the Colt one appears bi-directional and, for some, will be more exciting. Both Colt and Infosys customers should benefit from the relationship as Infosys will extend its offerings with Colt solutions. Colt will have access to an international SI that should help it to extend its capabilities.


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