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Jason Cohen, talks about WP Engine and WordPress

On a recent visit to the UK, Jason Cohen, Founder and CTO of WP Engine sat down with Enterprise Times to talk about the...

ShipChain signs blockchain partnership with CaseStack

ShipChain, a blockchain specialist, has announced a partnership and pilot program with CaseStack, a provider of supply chain management services located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. CaseStack...
Equinix number one in Australia

Equinix takes number one spot in Australia

Equinix has continued its global acquisition spree by closing the deal to acquire Australian data centre provider Metronode. The acquisition propels Equinix to number...
Small merchants struggling with compliance and cyber security 

Small merchants struggling with compliance and cyber security

The latest survey from Sysnet Global Solutions claims that SMEs are struggling with PCI compliance and security. The survey was conducted across a number of...
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Exit from an application in Windows.

Do you get thoroughly frustrated when you have worked hard all day and then you need to spend what seems like half an hour...

VPN’s sharing data with Facebook

Using the Internet can be dangerous. There are lots of people who like to intercept messages and steal data. The solution, we've been told...

Track.Capital triple-entry accounting built on blockchain

GovernanceChain has launched its first product, Track.Capital. It works with a customer's existing accounting solution to provide an immutable third ledger. The objective is...
BenevolentAI get more funding

 BenevolentAI raises $115 million

Cambridge-based BenevolentAI has raised $115 million from new and existing investors. The funding values the company at around $2 billion. It takes the money...
Damon Anderson talks about accountants and new services

Damon Anderson talks about accountants and new services

Enterprise Times sat down with Damon Anderson, Xero, to talk about partners. Xero is focused on helping accountants move beyond the boundaries of ledgers. It...

Santander One Pay FX, a blockchain-based international money transfer service

Banco Santander has launched a new service, Santander One Pay FX. This makes it possible for customers to complete international transfers on the same...
Vladimir Putin

Russia’s Grizzly Steppe cyber war on UK and US

The UK and US have issued a joint warning on sustained malicious cyber activity by Russian Government cyber groups. The US has called the...
Jonathan Bathurst talks cyber security engineering, skills and SMEs

Jonathan Bathurst talks cyber security engineering, skills and SMEs

At CYBERUK 2018, Enterprise Times caught up with Jonathan Bathurst, Business Development, Cyber Solutions, Lockheed Martin UK. Many people know Lockheed Martin as a defence...
Google wins one and loses two

Google wins one and loses two

In the last few weeks Google has lost two and won one case around the Right to be Forgotten. This is a piece of legislation...
Bridge - Image Source: Ian Murphy (c) June 2012

Shortcut keys in Excel – Function Keys (6 of 8)

In all my years of training I am always stunned that most people don’t even know that there are keys at the top of...