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Jason McGee on IBM, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

Jason McGee on IBM, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

Jason McGee is the CTO of all things Platform as a Service at IBM Cloud. Among the products he looks after is IBM's Cloud...
Kubernetes security under the spotlight

Closing the Kubernetes security gap

If 2017 was the year of container experimentation, 2018 has seen containers begin to be deployed. Even ignoring the overhyped numbers from vendors, the...
Juniper Multi Cloud

Juniper + Nutanix offer multi cloud

Juniper Networks (Juniper) and Nutanix are partnering to deliver integrated solutions for a secure as well as automated multi-cloud enterprise. The rationale is their...
Rae McClelland and Steph Aldridge talk about education and diversity

Improving education and diversity in cyber security 

At a recent Cyber Security Challenge Face to Face (F2F) competition, Enterprise Times (ET) spoke with Rae McClelland and Steph Aldridge. McClelland is the...
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Frustrated with selecting large areas in a spreadsheet?

I often hear from my students that they take a long and frustrating time to select the information they need in large spreadsheets. They...
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ConnectWise steps up security offering

ConnectWise has announced the acquisition of Sienna Group, a managed security services provider (MSSP).  This is not an acquisition that will see ConnectWise enter...
Parliament Street wants more police cyber crime training

UK police forces struggling with cyber crime

Increased cyber crime is diverting police resources away from dealing with other issues such as violent crime. That's the conclusion that think tank Parliament...
Simon Niesler on his goals for Infor

Simon Niesler on his goals for Infor

At Inforum, Enterprise Times spoke with Simon Niesler, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Western Europe at Infor. Niesler only took over the...
Zeno Rocha talks about developer advocacy

Zeno Rocha on being a developer advocate

Enterprise Times sat down with Zeno Rocha, Liferay to talk about software development. Rocha describes himself as a developer advocate rather than an evangelist....
Marriott loses 500 million customers records

Marriott data breach shows cyber security risks of mergers

Marriott International has disclosed one of the largest data breaches on record. More than 500 million customers of its Starwood division were exposed to...
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TigerGraph opens up in Public Cloud

TigerGraph has announced TigerGraph Cloud at Amazon re:Invent this week. The new graph database offering, initially available in AWS will make its solution available...
Police Officers

Cisco to train 120,000 cyber police

Cisco is partnering with UK police forces to help train 120,000 officers in cyber security. The training will be delivered by the Cisco Networking Academy. It...
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Need just a few characters from a long string in an excel spreadsheet?

My students come to me with all sorts of questions. The one that seems to come up every so often is how to easily...

Uber avoids significant fine from the ICO

Ride sharing company Uber has escaped with a smaller than expected fine from the UK ICO as a result of a data breach in...