How To Supercharge Your Hospitality Enterprise Operations - Image by Rodrigo Salomón Cañas from PixabayIn recent years, enterprise businesses across industries have been confronted with a multitude of challenges. The pandemic delivered a significant blow. It necessitated rapid, often costly responses to supply chain disruptions. It also accelerated the need for rapid digital transformation. This required the quick adoption of new technologies and digital tools to support remote work, online sales, customer engagement, and operational efficiency amidst evolving market conditions.

Hospitality enterprises were no exception. Now more than ever, guests are seeking and demanding ever-superior and personalised customer services. This challenge is coupled with ongoing supply chain disruptions, a remote workforce and a rapid acceleration in digital transformation. Many hoteliers are grappling with these challenges and looking for ways to optimise business operations and ultimately remain profitable.

The key lies in effective data analysis

Similar to other industries, the key to enhancing operational efficiency and uncovering new revenue streams lies in effective data analysis and automation of processes. The past decade has seen a proliferation of digital tools within enterprises. These tools range from legacy systems to newer, API-based tools.

However, the data collected is often trapped within separate systems. These siloed systems hinder efforts towards operational efficiency and revenue generation. Until enterprises can effectively tap into their trapped data, they will struggle to overcome the challenges they are facing.

Data handling must digitally transform from manual processes

Alarmingly, a recent survey we conducted revealed that manual data processes are hindering the growth of 87% of enterprise businesses trying to scale up. As organisations grow, so too must their processes evolve. Most emerging enterprises recognise business automation is key to scaling up. However, it’s clear that one of the thorniest challenges they face in automating operations is the sheer number of manual data processes that they still employ within their businesses. These manual processes are not only time-consuming and inefficient, but are typically error-prone.

How the latest technology can improve efficiency, compliance and efficacy

The integration and automation of new technologies and digital tools enables enterprises to deliver several benefits. These include:

  • The creation of unified, GDPR-compliant customer views
  • The ability to leverage AI tools for predictive analytics to anticipate guest preferences, automate tasks, enhance security with facial recognition, optimise resource allocation, and refine the guest experience through feedback analysis.
  • Deploy chatbot translators for enhanced customer experience, catering to international guests who may not be fluent in the local language, ensuring quick and accurate communication round the clock, all while saving on labour costs.

Hospitality enterprises armed with the right data can tailor messages to customers through preferred channels. They can also gain real-time insights into booking behaviour and preferences. This comprehensive understanding allows for personalised communication and service delivery, whether through technology or in-person interactions.

How some Hoteliers have seen benefits

Drawing from experiences with various enterprise clients, including GCH Hotel Group, H Hotels AG, and Romantik Hotels, it’s evident that many enterprises require assistance in integrating critical systems holding customer data. These include

  • Property management systems,
  • Meeting and events systems,
  • Spa member data
  • Restaurant information
  • Booking systems
  • CRM systems

By integrating these systems using prebuilt templates, enterprises can seamlessly integrate or deploy off-the-shelf tools like FreshBooks, Bbot, and hotelkit in a number of easy clicks, not code.

Unlocking success with Jitterbit

Fundamentally, the key to successfully supercharge your enterprise the right way is to break free from data silos and manual processes. To achieve this, organisations must seamlessly connect systems with integration and business automation solutions. This unlocks the full potential of interconnected data, enabling personalised experiences, predictive analytics, and streamlined communications.

By embracing this approach, enterprises can not only survive but thrive. They will set new standards for operational excellence and keep customers at the heart of everything they do. Eliminating data silos and leveraging data will help them stay competitive in an increasingly competitive market where capital is harder to raise.

To find out more about automating and optimising operations in the hospitality sector, download our latest ebook:

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