JumpCloud CTO Greg Keller sat down with Enterprise Times to talk about the challenges of Active Directory (AD) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). AD is critical to managing identity and access for any company that relies on Windows. Yet very few would describe managing it as easy. If you are an SME, a market that JumpCloud serves, the complexity makes it a difficult beast to manage.

In the podcast, Keller talks about the problems that organisations face with AD. There is a lack of tools to manage the artefacts in AD. It is also hard to find artefacts for cleanup. Another issue is the effective management of access and entitlements.

Greg Keller, CTO, and co-founder of JumpCloud (Image Credit: JumpCloud)
Greg Keller, CTO, and co-founder of JumpCloud

Most companies focus on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for security. Keller says we should instead use Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC). He said, “The models of identity are shifting from the entitlement generally fully scoped, the responsibility of a group and bringing that back up to the identity. It becomes an identity-centric problem in that way.”

Attributes matter because they deliver that granularity around entitlement. He continues, “The new world is describing it through attributes. So even the payload of the assertion is richer in metadata, putting more emphasis on the identity than on the service to protect the service, generally speaking. They know that as the identity changes its groups, it’s dynamically changing. Then the assertions will change dynamically as they get into the resource.”

Keller also addresses some of the concerns around AI. He commented, “AI is not coming for your job. And I’m going to give some tough love. If you are coming from a place of fear you should exit the industry now because it’s only going to ramp.”

To hear what else Keller had to say, listen to the podcast.

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