Hands Fire integration Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayJitterbit has announced two promotions for its products. The first is a bundled solution that enables organisations to quickly automate the integration between NetSuite ERP and Shopify. Many organisations adopt both NetSuite and Shopify, both best-in-class solutions, but then find that they need manual processes between the two.

Jitterbit also announced a “Build-Fast” offer for Jitterbit Vinyl, its low-code application development platform. The Build Fast bundle includes professional services and white glove support, enabling organisations to build a customer deployment strategy for their business.

Bill Conner, President and Chief Executive Officer. , JItterbit (image credit - LinkedIn/Bill Conner)
Bill Conner, President and Chief Executive Officer. , JItterbit

Bill Conner, Jitterbit President and CEO, said, “Jitterbit accelerates business transformation, automation and application development by empowering people to connect systems, processes and workflows. Our teams are fiercely dedicated to driving hyperautomation, constantly innovating and creating solutions to help customers be more productive. We’re excited to offer these two promotions that underscore our commitment to making hyperautomation accessible and achievable for a broad range of organizations.”

Harmony between NetSuite and Shopify

Jitterbit’s Harmony eCommerce bundle helps to automate the processes between the two systems. It can help reduce the costs of managing the interactions between the two solutions by up to 90% through automation.

Harmony creates a seamless journey throughout the ordering process. It removes any manual processes and automates ordering, shopping, inventory management and fulfilment. The hyperautomation tool also enables organisations to maintain consistent data between the front-end Shopify system and the back-office NetSuite application.

Importantly, the solution is easy to implement with out-of-the-box templates and workflows, which means all the common integration points between the two systems are quickly implemented.

Jitterbit highlighted several advantages Harmony can give organisations that want to mesh their ERP and eCommerce solutions together.

  • Accelerate order processing and reduce transactional errors by up to 40% for a seamless buying journey for customers. 
  • Reduce integration errors by using pre-built integrations that connect data and processes between NetSuite and Shopify. 
  • Cut integration costs by 75% compared to custom-build integrations.
  • Increase order-to-cash cycle time by 20% or more.
  • Reduce costs by up to 90% when converting from manual to automatic order processing. 
  • Build Web and Mobile Applications up to 80% faster. 

What is missing from this announcement are any details about the pricing for the Harmony eCommerce bundle. The current offer is only available until July 31st 2024. However, with no information about the pricing, it is very hard to determine what makes this different from purchasing standard Jitterbit. Also, does this bundle come with the benefits of standard, professional or enterprise-level features, especially around the support offerings?

Jitterbit Vinyl brings low-code integration

The new Build-Fast bundle will help organisations build a real web or mobile application using the Vinyl low-code platform. The low-code app development platform enables full stack and citizen developers to build powerful end-to-end, enterprise-grade applications with sophisticated logic, workflows, security and integrations in weeks. It can reduce application development times by 80% using pre-built components that help deliver hyperautomation within an organisation’s technology stack.

Vito Salvaggio, SVP of Product Management at Jitterbit (image credit - LinkedIn/Vito Salvaggio)
Vito Salvaggio, SVP of Product Management at Jitterbit

Vito Salvaggio. Jitterbit, Senior Vice President of Product Management, commented, “This is a first-ever offering for Jitterbit. We want organizations to understand first-hand how low-code technology truly accelerates web and mobile application development. Our goal with this promotion is that they come away with an application built just for their business — with us right by their side.”  

Jitterbit’s Vinyl delivers several benefits to organisations, including:

  • Accelerate business processes by automating workflows and eliminating workarounds.
  • Address business problems not solved by off-the-shelf offerings.
  • Access new and existing data points without impacting source data.
  • Empower line-of-business teams to build secure, compliant applications with an average go-live time of three months.
  • Ensure application compliance with stringent standards of SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II, as well as industry best practices and regulations. 

Vinyl was developed by Zudy, a vendor that Jitterbit acquired last year. Adding the professional services wrapper with this new bundle makes sense and will accelerate the time to value for organisations. Again, though, details of the offer in monetary terms are scant, and it is unclear how long this offer lasts.

Customers are keen to announce the benefits they have seen. Larry Egan, VP of IT at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, commented, “Vinyl has just made us a more efficient company. It has even made us a more compliant company. It has dramatically positioned our time to market. Vinyl really makes opportunities limitless because you can connect to just about any system and/or application.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Rather than sell its applications, Jitterbit has wrapped professional services into this new offering. It has also added a sense of urgency indicating that this offer is only for a limited time. It should, in my opinion, have given a bit more details about why this is a better offer than its standard solutions, especially for Vinyl.

Jitterbit Harmony is more interesting, and it is a packaged solution for a specific use case. It will be interesting to see whether Jitterbit adds similar packages to this one that offer commonly seen integration solutions productised. The Harmony offer is only for a limited time, but the solution will likely be available for some time after. For those organisations where the budget is approved, this could become a no-brainer. Where a business has no budget left, it may be hard to get signoff within a couple of months. Jitterbit might have provided more information around justifying the business case for those business leaders, perhaps with a case study of a customer who has previously used Harmony.

** Clarifications **

Vito Salvaggio, SVP of Product provided the following clarifications to the above article:

  • “Pricing info. For the Harmony Ecommerce Bundle, customers benefit from deploying an ecommerce order-to-fulfillment use case with our standard license at about half the cost of our normal price. We are assessing which endpoint and use case combinations are sufficiently common that we can easily productize offerings and offer them at attractive bundle prices in the future. 
  • “Expiration dates. Both promotional offers expire on July 31, 2024.
  • “Business use cases. Jitterbit helps companies understand the benefits of such automation in an Ecommerce Playbook available from our offers website.”


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