Android Robot Image Credit Pixabay/RonyMichaudClari has updated its revenue operations platform with several improvements to RevAI, its powerful generative AI tool. The update adds new capabilities that lower revenue leakage and increase the efficiency of revenue operations through automation. The update aims to ensure that sales teams spend more time selling to the right customers at the right time, maximising revenue growth.

The new capabilities with RevAI include:

  • Ask Clari
  • Smart Chapters
  • Smart Feed
  • Smart Follow Ups
Rohit Shrivastava, EVP & Chief Product Officer, Clari, (image credit - LinkedIn)
Rohit Shrivastava, EVP & Chief Product Officer, Clari

Rohit Shrivastava, Chief Product Officer at Clari, commented, “RevAI is everyday AI for revenue teams – infused into their workflows to enable exponentially greater productivity, impact and job satisfaction. When sales reps and revenue leaders are more productive, revenue increases. That’s why our RevAI portfolio is purpose-built to eliminate tedious, administrative work and unlock their vast potential.”

AI has a long heritage within the Clair platform. It first introduced predictive capabilities in 2003, and RevAI was launched in 2023 under the name RevGPT. It has continued to add functionality to the component with Smart Summaries as part of Clari Copilot launched a year ago, bringing the power of generative AI to its platform. Clari continues to develop its purpose-built AI for RevTech. The latest updates are powered by the world’s most comprehensive source of revenue data — RevDB. Importantly, the more that customers use the AI solutions, the better the data within RevDB becomes and the better the forecasting and outcomes.

In a recent Forrester Consulting TEI report an aggregate company identified a 95% increase in forecasting using Clari and significantly reduced revenue leakage. Forrester calculated that customers save 40% more committed revenue ($9.6B) after leveraging the platform. Forrester also identified a 10% reduction in slipped deals and a 67% increase in productivity.

New features for Clari

As mentioned above, there are several improvements to the generative AI capabilities within the Clari platform. They include:

Ask Clari

This takes the value from the Clari Copilot call recordings to a new level of benefits. Revenue professionals are now able to use Ask Clari to pose questions about the content it now holds. RevAI instantly trawls through the transcriptions and can surface the relevant answers to the questions within seconds. Questions could include:

  • What were the key pain points the customer identified?
  • Did the customer mention any competitors?
  • Can you give some best practices and areas of improvement on this call?
  • What were the most prominent objections raised?
  • Who are the key decision-makers?

Gaining the answers to these questions saves an immense amount of time. However, it gets interesting when one considers what Clari could do next. Imagine the system could populate the RevOPs/CRM database based on the information provided using generic questions across all conversations. Is this where Clari could go next, perhaps connecting to third-party databases such as LinkedIn to gather even more information?

Even as it is, this is a powerful tool, and Jean-Baptiste Brunet, Sales Strategy and Operations Manager at Shippeo, notes. “We’re impressed with Ask Clari’s speed and accuracy. Given the huge volume of conversations we’re having with prospects and customers throughout the quarter, we get back the precious time we can devote to solving customer problems instead of searching for information.”

Smart Follow-Ups

Smart follow-ups are an enhancement to the Groove sales enablement platform. The AI generates emails based on the analysis of “call summaries”, “next steps” and “suggested actions”. With reps spending a lot of time crafting emails, this not only identifies the best email to send to each prospect, it also creates the email base on the analysed information. Reps are able to follow up conversations or communications far faster, accelerating conversion and close rates.

Smart Chapters

RevAI will now time-stamp and highlight all major topics within each call. Want to find out where a specific topic or product was mentioned? It is now easy to locate and see what the customer said about the topic. Reps can quickly identify the key information from calls about various topics without having the read the whole transcription or playback the call.

Smart Feed

Want to know what all customers are talking about? Smart feed aggregates snippets from multiple calls about different topics or actions into a single feed. It enables managers or reps to quickly identify across multiple calls where key phrases were used to push the prospect towards a sale. The feed can help focus on – key deals, new initiatives or market trends. It means that market knowledge is quickly aggregated and can be fed back to reps.

Benjamin Roach, Head of RevOps and GTM Systems at Ardoq commented, “Our leadership teams use the Smart Feed to keep up-to-date on the critical moments happening throughout the quarter on all our deals. It’s proven to be a simple yet powerful solution that has boosted collaboration across revenue, marketing and product teams.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

These new features join the existing ones, including Smart Summaries and Smart Battlecards. The former helps revenue teams execute follow-up actions, while the latter is AI-generated in real time to help revenue teams effectively counter customer objections and concerns.

With this new set of tools, Clari customers can improve their RevOps to a new level. It will be interesting to see how the platform evolves over the next few months, possibly further integrating AI into it. How far can Clari take AI? Will it update the CRM automatically, reducing one of the most disliked manual tasks by sales reps?

There is a danger of automation where the AI does the work, and the personalisation and innovation provided by the individual sales rep is missed. There is no mention of personalisation within this announcement. It will be interesting to see how Clari combines human innovation with AI Automation in the future.


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