Appointment - Image by Alexander from Pixabay has announced the appointment of Rob Harrison as VP of Sales, International. His appointment comes a few months after Stewart Monk, who previously held the role, left the company to become Senior Vice President & GM International at PowerSchool. Monk re-joined Tony Kender, who was previously Chief Revenue Officer at FinancialForce (now Certinia) and is now CRO at PowerSchool.

Harrison joined the firm following the acquisition by Haveli Investments last year, the appointment of DJ Paoni as CEO and several other significant changes in the leadership team. It seems likely that Monk left around the same time as other senior leaders, but it has taken more time to fill the role.

Rob Harrison, VP of Sales, International, Certinia (image credit- LinkedIn/ Rob Harrison)
Rob Harrison, VP of Sales, International, Certinia

Harrison commented on LinkedIn, “As VP of International, I’m am delighted to have the opportunity to support our EMEA & APAC teams and to serve our customers here at Certinia.

“Native to the Salesforce platform, Certina leverages the world’s most trusted cloud business platform to deliver a single source of certainty to our service-centric customers.

“Thanks DJ Paoni, John Tully, Deb Ashton and the whole team for your warm welcome and trust. Can’t wait to get going.”

Who is Rob Harrison?

Harrison joins from SAP, where he most recently was Senior Vice President – Northern Europe – Ariba/Business Network/Fieldglass/Concur. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of UK and Ireland at SAP Concur. He has also worked in leadership positions at Oracle and Workday. In total, he spent 14 years at SAP in two stints, first joining in 1998 as a Sales Executive and rapidly rising to leadership positions.

He is familiar with the services sector having been Sales Manager of Services Industries at SAP, working in several sectors that Certinia operate in. Paoni will have known Harrison from their time at SAP, and he has brought on another experienced leader who is known to him to the Certinia team.

It will be interesting to see how he shapes Certinia moving forward and what changes he makes as he looks to drive the business to further success.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Has DJ Paoni now completed his leadership team? The vacancy left by Monk’s departure has taken a while to fill. However, Harrison will likely have worked out a notice period as SAP might have seen Certinia as a competitor for certain markets. Harrison has experience of working across Europe, though his remit appears far wider. It will be interesting to see whether the focus is solely on EMEA or whether Certinia and Harrison will also look to expand beyond that region.


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