Interprefy AIInterprefy renamed its advanced automated live speech translation solution for meetings and events. Henceforward, its next-generation AI event translator will be known as Interprefy AI.

In September 2021, Interprefy launched live captions for more than 30 languages. In March 2022, Interprefy launched live interpretation within Microsoft Teams, and also live translated captions. It enabled multinational firms to remove the communication barriers that languages often create within organisations.

Since those launches, Interprefy has been used for thousands of meetings and events. Organisations around the world and from across many different industries have leveraged the platform. Customers include some of the world’s leading organisations, such as Facebook, J.P. Morgan, Amway, Google, GSK and SAP.

Akamai, has partnered with Interprefy for many of its global events though it does not yet use Interprefy AI. THe user cases range from conventions and webinars to All Hands meetings, including in-person, virtual and hybrid.

Ricardo Yang, Senior Localization Manager at Akamai Technologies, stated, “Now that we have Interprefy, we don’t need to have interpreters on-site, which gives us much more freedom when designing our events, as well as reducing our costs. All we need to do is ask the AV company to pass along the audio and video to Interprefy and the interpreters can work remotely.

“Interprefy is also very easy to set up for the customers. For in-person events all they have to do is download the app or use the browser link and use the token provided.”

Using Inteprefy AI

One organisation that is using Inteprefy AI is the World Childhood Foundation. It works in partnership with passionate pioneers, grassroots organisations, companies, foundations, and other actors who share their vision of a world where no child is sexually abused.

Erika Olsson, Project coordinator at Childhood, commented, “Working with Interprefy was a great experience. We established the topic-specific vocabulary before the meeting, so we knew that these keywords were definitely going to be used correctly. – 

“The feedback we got from our Ukrainian partners was positive and they commented that they were able to follow what was being said, which was our main goal. Interprefy AI speech translation was contextually accurate and it got domain specific words and even names right, we were quite impressed”.

Oddmund Braaten, CEO at Interprefy
Oddmund Braaten, CEO at Interprefy
Oddmund Braaten, CEO at Interprefy, said, “We are deeply focused on our customers’ needs and lifting the weight from their shoulders. Our unique approach, which benchmarks and further optimises the AI for each language combination, ensures that our customers always get the best AI quality available in the market. The new releases of Interprefy AI are focused on solving even more of our customer’s pain points.”

Maturing a translation platform

Interprefy AI is the first-of-its-kind live translation tool that was made available to the public. While English is the most popular international business language only around 20% speak the language. Therefore, as international organisations grow, they need to be able to ensure that employees and customers can understand their English communication in their native language. Interprefy provides a global audience with real-time translated audio and captions.

The solution is available in other languages. Meeting the challenge for firms across Europe, for example, that are hindered by the 24 official languages in the continent. Interprefy is now available in over 6,000 language combinations and the company is adding more all the time.

It works for in-person audiences, as well as the major online meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and ON24. Interprefy has more than 80 integrations to technology platforms. With its network of interpreters and the power of AI for captions, it is bringing the world closer together.

Many organisations are seeing the benefit of the platform and using the translation services for webinars, corporate training, town halls, and conferences. It brings cost-effective translation to the point of need.

Braatem added, “Interprefy AI can provide language access where the support from professional interpreters is considered impractical or unaffordable. Simultaneous interpretation is still a premium service, but Interprefy AI can help make language access available for a wide range of organisations and events with smaller budgets.”


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