How to add or edit a status option for a task in Zoho Project - Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayWe are currently using the “Premium” version of the product. While the “Enterprise” version has far more customisation options available, there are some very useful personalisation features within the “Premium” version. In a previous tip I showed how to create a new Status option and how to delete it. That was for the Project view. Here I will show you how to create or edit and delete a status option for tasks inside a project.

  • Open a project and have the [All Tasks View] showing. All tasks View

My projects are laid out in sections or stages. There are usually three or more tasks to be completed in each stage. I have already changed the default status from Active to Ready as you can see from the above image of my project.

  • Right-click on the word Status at the top of the column. A list appears. Status customize list
  • Select Customize Status from this list.

A default list appears. The image you see below is my adapted list. Current Status options

As you can see, the first column has the colour associated with this status, the next is the name of the status the last shows the action that will be taken once this status is applied to the task in the project.

What does Action mean?

If there is the word [open] in the right-hand column this means that the task is to be worked on. The word [Closed] means that the task is finished.

A status that has closed in the right-hand column means that this task is complete, and the project moves forward to the next task. If you look at the [% Completed] column in your tasks list, there will be a growing line as you complete the tasks in that section of the project.

I have purposely moved the column [% Completed] to be next to my [Status] column for this explanation. My status “Done” has a closed action attached to it, so has “Not Required”, whereas “Ready” has an open action attached to it. Therefore you can see that the percentages are either 100% or zero completed.Status showing in task list

From the image above you can see that Stage 1 is 40% completed as two of the five items in Stage 1 are completed.

How to add a new Status for tasks

  • Open a project and have the [All Tasks View] showing.
  • Right click on the word Status at the top of the column.
  • Select Customize Status from this list.
  • At the bottom of the lists of current status click on the [+Add Status button]. Add Status button

A new status option line is placed at the bottom of the existing list. new status settings

  • Start typing the status name you require.
  • Select a colour for this status.
  • Select [Open] or [Closed] for the action dropdown arrow.
  • Select the [Apply changes button] if you do not need another new status. Apply changes button

How to Edit a status

  • Follow the same steps as previously to get into the list of current status options.
  • Click in the box of the status you need to edit and type a new text. Or change the colour or change the action. Or all three.

edited status

  • Select the [Apply changes button] if you do not need to change another status.

How to delete a status

In the list of current status options hover over the status you require to delete.

  • At the far right of this line you can see a bin tool. Click on it.Something Different
  • Select the [Apply changes button].

You are now able to change the status to your specific requirements. Have fun

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