Space rocket Image credit pixabay/YuriBMission Control has released version 1.68 of its PSA solution. The update contains two significant improvements and enhancements to some key elements. There are also some minor updates and bug fixes. The update is available on the Salesforce App Exchange, and a 30-minute webinar with CEO Colin Johnson hosting, is available for an overview of what is included.

Colin Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Aprika (image credit - LinkedIn/Colin Johnson)
Colin Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Aprika

In the Webinar Johnson talks through the updates within the first five minutes. In the rest of the webinar he demonstrates the updates providing context and examples to better understand the new features. There is also a comprehensive set of release notes available.

Mobile App Time Logger

The first new feature is a Mobile App Time Logger. This application introduces three new tabs on the Salesforce Mobile App, though the features are also available on the mobile web browser interface. The three tabs are Action List, Fins Action and Submit for Approval List.

Action List enables a user to log time for multiple actions. Users can filter tasks for last week, this week and next week, as well as the current month and can then quickly log time against all tasks presented. The App remembers the last preference, so the selection is not needed each time a consultant wishes to log time.

Users can quickly log the suggested time, varying it by 15 minutes or an hour at the click of a button. They are also able to tag the time as billable or not. If an action is not listed, the user is able to access a find action feature and then allocate time against it. Users can then submit the timesheet for approval.

Retainer to T&M Billing

Mission Control has created a new billing type called “Retainer to T&M”. Once enabled; it allows consultants to have both retainer amounts as well as use time and materials billing. For clients using this setting, Mission Control will raise periodic invoices when the retainer is used and then raise more ad hoc bills when the allocated retainer time is exceeded.

For example, if a client has agreed to 10 support hours during a month but uses twelve, the periodic bill will invoice the retainer and a second invoice can be raised for the T&M invoice. The amounts can be combined into a single billing event. It isn’t clear if Mission Control enables retainer hours to roll over to the following months.


Other enhancements in this release affect the following features:

  • Role Allocation: It is now possible to take into account checklist items. It is also possible to prevent role allocations by project
  • Timesheets: Users can clone the previous week, and there are some new settings
  • Role Utilisation Report: The chart displayed can now be set to percentage or hours. Another change restricts visibility by users
  • Hours Distributor: Minor visual updates
  • Manage Forecasts: Minor visual updates
  • Component Overview: Minor visual updates


The new update is available from the 3rd of May for users to manually upgrade from the AppExchange. On the 18th of May, all Sandbox Orgs will automatically update. On the 1st of June, Mission Control will automatically update all production orgs.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is not as impressive a release as historical ones; however, there are some useful features that customers will want to take advantage of. The new flexible billing type is especially welcomed as PSOs shift to a subscription business, especially for tech companies offering support services.

The improvements in the time logging mobile application also makes it easier for consultants. Completing timesheets is one of the most onerous tasks that consultants face, and anything that makes this easier is welcome.

What will be interesting to see is whether Mission Control is working on something larger for version 1.69, which should be out later in the year.


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