NTT is a technology conglomerate that invests around 30% of its global profits into R&D. That amounts to around $3 billion per year, a sum that dwarfs the investment of most technology businesses. It allows the company to do primary research, which means it can take years to see the research results.

One of the technologies that it has been investing heavily in, and where it is beginning to bring solutions to market, is IOWN – Innovative Optical and Wireless Network. It underpins the move to photonics, which the company believes is the future of computing.

Vito Mabrucco, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Vito Mabrucco, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT

To understand more about that, Enterprise Times editor Ian Murphy talked with Vito Mabrucco, Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Corp, at Upgrade 2024. In the podcast. Mabrucco outlines several use cases for IOWN, especially the all-photonics-network (APN). Recently, NTT showed some of the successes of IOWN APN in tests between data centres in the US and the UK.

One of the future goals that NTT has for photonics is removing much of the power and heat problem that data centres struggle with. Mabrucco calls this future disaggregated computing and talks about the potential for a new model of disruptive computing. He also talks about how we need to shift the power conversation from the supply side to the demand side by removing much of the power demand. Photonics is at the core of this.

Mabrucco also talked about how NTT wants to redefine its power consumption. It currently consumes 1% of all power generated in Japan. By 2040, he says, the company wants to be net zero. Photonics and the creation of its own renewable energy company are part of that process.

To hear what else Mabrucco talked about, listen to the podcast.

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