Celebrus India CakeCelebrus has recently announced two significant changes for its physical offices. In the UK it has relocated to a new and larger office in Sunbury and also changed its registered address. In India, it has moved to a new and larger office in Chennai. The teams at each office celebrated the openings with some impressive-looking cake.

A Modern, flexible space in Sunbury

Ash Mehta, CFO at Celebrus (image credit - LinkedIn/Ash Mehta)
Ash Mehta, CFO at Celebrus

The move in the UK was just around the corner in Sunbury. Enterprise Times asked Ash Mehta, CFO at Celebrus why they made the change in the UK.

He replied, “Celebrus has embraced positive changes since new management was appointed in late 2021. The business has transformed from an IT services business into a vibrant, dynamic software business. We wanted a new office to reflect that change. The previous office was a more formal environment, with directors’ offices, subdued colours and a 1990s feel to it.

“Our new office is bathed in the corporate colours from our style guides, principally shades of turquoise and pink. All the offices are hot offices bookable by any employee, and we have different zones with different moods. For example, the Collaboration Zone has stone-coloured vinyl flooring to create an outdoor effect. The Collaboration Zone contains meeting pods, as well as high tables with stools for a meeting experience different to a formal meeting room (although we have those, too, for internal and customer use).

“The kitchen/diner contains high-end appliances and a pool table, which we’ve already noticed has encouraged people from different departments to come together, creating more integrated and communicative teams.”

The new office in Sunbury is around 7,000 sq ft and will house teams from Sales, Partner Relations, and Customer Success to support European customers. It is initially the base for around 50 people of the 70 based in the UK, and Celebrus has plans to grow that number by 15% during 2024.

Celebrus has made the brave decision to modernise its operation in the UK, investing in the new office space. It will enable it to improve employee engagement and should help attract new employees to the modern workspace. The change comes after the company renamed to Celebrus from D4t4 Solutions in late 2023, changing its stock ticker at the same time.

Start of the Art in India

Chennai Office of Celebrus in Olympia Cyberspace
Chennai Office of Celebrus in Olympia Cyberspace

In India, Celebrus recently opened its new office in Chennai from Symbyont Smart Spaces and Olympia Cyberspace. This new office is around 3,000 sq feet and will initially house 40 people under a flexible work program out of the 45 located in India. Celebrus intends to hire around 20% more by the end of the year. There are currently three open positions in India.

I asked Mehta which teams are present in the Chennai Office. He replied, “Celebrus operates with global teams, and the India staff are integrated into all of our operations. The primary functions in India are software development, testing, professional services, Celebrus cloud management, and customer support (assisting our round-the-clock service to global customers). These teams are supported by a team covering Finance, HR and Operations.”

I asked Mehta the reason for the location change in India. He replied, “For essentially the same reason. The new office in Chennai is in a brand-new state-of-the-art building on a serviced office floor, and again, we have utilized the Celebrus colours effectively in the space to reinforce the vibrancy of the brand. The office comes with shared facilities, including numerous breakout areas, a games room, and a food court.

“It is important to us as a company that employees feel good about coming into the office. Whilst we have adopted a hybrid working policy across all our offices worldwide, we recognize the importance of people coming together in person. In this way, a good building and an attractive office therefore helps our corporate objectives.”

The new space is also smart, but what does that mean? Mehta commented, “As a software company with multinational customers around the world, we need excellent technology and internet access. In the India office we were able to specify clearly our requirements, and these were met comfortably. As an ISO:27001 accredited company, cybersecurity and also physical security are critical to our business. Olympia Cyberspace provides a level of security not available in many other office buildings.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

A new brand and now new offices have seen significant investment by Mehta to set Celebrus up for further expansion. Investing in both offices should help to ensure that the company can attract the right talent as well as work with and better impress its customers. It comes a few months after Celebrus received the prestigious Gold TITAN award for Most Innovative IT Company of the Year.

With more announcements in the works, expect to hear more from Celebrus in the coming weeks as it starts to ramp up its marketing efforts for its platform and solutions.


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