go-e charger installed at homeMonta continues to forge partnerships to extend its presence in the EV Charging market. It has now signed a partnership with Austrian headquartered go-e, a leading provider of e-mobility solutions. Customers of go-e can now use the Monta applications for both their charging units, as well as giving them access to the Monta network across charging units in over 20 EU countries.

The partnership announcement comes after Monta announced the extension of its partnership with Egg earlier this year.

Go-e was founded in 2015 through crowdfunding and provides wall boxes that offer simple installation to homeowners. The company recently announced a new generation of wall chargers under the Gemini product name, these use factory-fitted SIM cards enabling apps to use cellular signal rather than WiFi, with five years of connectivity included in the initial cost.

The devices work in all EU countries as well as the UK, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Gemini Flex enables users to take the charging unit with them wherever they go. All they need to charge their EV is a power socket.

Alok Dubey, Regional Director, Strategic Sales – West at Monta, said, “Our new partnership with go-e will see both companies working hard to support the UK’s net zero targets through the provision of cost-effective and convenient charging for all. Together, we’re in a stronger position to drive the uptake of zero-emission vehicles in both a responsible and sustainable way.

Go-e now powered by Monta

Now go-e has joined Monta’s ‘Powered by’ program, opening up more functionality such as PowerBank and Sponsored Charging on devices. Go-e users can also use the Monta app to access over 500,000 charging points across Europe.

Not only does this deliver benefits to customers, but it also means intelligent charging that only draws power when it is available, avoiding brownouts for the power network. The Smart charging feature also ensures that power is drawn at optimal times for pricing as well as promoting better efficiency and cheaper and greener charging.

Susanne Palli, CEO at go-e,

The partnership will also help go-e as it looks to extend its footprint within the UK, especially. Susanne Palli, CEO at go-e, explained, “We see great potential in the UK market, driven by the growing demand for smart and flexible EV-charging solutions, an area where go-e already has extensive expertise. I firmly believe that our partnership with Monta positions us to deliver exceptional value to both our customers and stakeholders in this dynamic market.”

Andreas Wallén, UK Sales Manager at go-e, added, “The partnership with Monta aligns perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of EV drivers in the UK.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

By the end of March 2024, SMMT estimates that there were already 1 million fully electric cars on the UK road, and the new car market grew by 8%. The long term future for electric vehicles, despite the recent set back in sales, where the proportion of of new EV cars registered fell compared to a year ago. With the ban on sales of combustion and hybrid vehicles set to start in 2035, the wider and easier it is for people to find charging points the better. The flexibility of the go-e product coupled with the software functionality provided by Monta could become a game changer.


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