How to change or add a tag in Zoho Projects - Image by Speedy McVroom from PixabayMy Company uses Zoho Projects to keep track of all my projects on the go. We are currently using the “Premium” version of the product. While the “Enterprise” version has far more customisation options available, there are some very useful personalisation features within the “Premium” version.

I assign tasks to my colleagues and work with others outside of my company on a daily basis. The software feels quite intuitive to use but occasionally I come across a problem. This particular one is updating or changing or adding a new tag to my projects. Not using this feature often I forget how to do it and a list of steps I find always useful to refer to. Hope you do too.

How to add a tag

  • Have the screen display all your projects with a column showing tags. Project tags
  • Click in the cell below this heading.
  • Begin to type the tag name you require.
  • In the box which appears, move the mouse to the top-right corner where the colour selector resides, along side of the Add button. Colour tool
  • Select the colour wheel button. Colour selection
  • Select the colour you desire.
  • Select the add button.

How to remove a tag

  • Locate the tag you wish to remove from the list on your project.
  • Click alongside the tag, not on it.
  • Select the cross at the tip of the arrow to [Dissociate] the tag.

How to change the colour of a tag

  • Move your mouse to a tag you wish to change the colour of.
  • Click on the tag.
  • The tag is displayed in a new window.
  • Move to and select the dropdown arrow at the tip of the tag arrow. Edit a tag

A list appears.Delete tag

  • Select [colour] in the list and then the new colour.
  • Click away from the colour chart to accept your choice.
  • Select the close window at the top right of the tags window. Close window

All the instances of the use of this tag have been updated to the new colour.

How to delete a tag

  • Select the tag you wish to delete from the system. (If you have not one displayed assign it to a project.)
  • Click on the dropdown arrow at the tip of the tag arrow.
  • Select Delete at the bottom of the list.
  • This warning sign appears. Warning delete tag

If you are sure you would like to delete this tag. Tick the I understand box. And then the Delete button.


Colour can help you keep your projects in order and flow more easily, showing things up quickly. But if you have colleagues who are colour blind, please remember to consult with them as to what colours work or indeed more importantly do not work for them.

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