Bright Crown Appointment Image by Pexels from PixabayKPMG International has announced the appointment of Susanna Crowder as the Global Oracle Business Leader. Crowder has spent nearly twenty years of her career at KPMG in two stints. Separated by nearly six years at PwC, where she was Oracle Business Development Director. For most of that time she has spent working within the Oracle practice.

As the importance and growth of Oracle continues, KPMG is putting an increased emphasis on its long-standing relationship with the global giant. Oracle has partnerships with many of the KPMG subsidiaries across the world. KPMG helps clients unlock the benefits of Oracle Cloud and the Oracle suite of applications and technologies.

Susanna Crowder, Global Oracle Business Leader, KPMG (image credit - LinkedIn / Susanna Crowder)
Susanna Crowder, Global Oracle Business Leader, KPMG

Crowder commented, “KPMG professionals have worked with Oracle for many years delivering complex projects and bringing value to clients. With the demand for industry-led, data-intensive and AI-enabled tech solutions, the Oracle platform is an obvious choice for investment and innovation. KPMG firms are working to address clients’ most pressing needs by co-investing in and co-creating new digital solutions through our global relationship with Oracle.”

Global remit for Crowder

Though based in the US, Crowder has spent a lot of time recently promoting and/or attending events across the world. Notably, these included Oracle Cloud World Milan in Italy and Oracle CloudWorld Tour Mumbai in India. Under her leadership, KPMG also established an Oracle EMEA Hub, which will help drive business and cloud transformation in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. The Hub aligns with Oracle and breaks down the potential barriers between operating companies within the region. It will support KPMG professionals delivering Oracle services in the region and help them facilitate collaborative efforts with Oracle teams.

KPMG has helped many companies transform their business operations with Oracle. In the US, it recently assisted a global quick services restaurant in implementing an upgrade to its Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) system. KPMG enabled the organisation to streamline HR processes and leverage the advanced analytics available in the application. The client optimized its workforce management and drove operational excellence.

AT S&P Global, KPMG helped the independent financial ratings organisation migrate its ERP from on-premises to the cloud. Chris Craig, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller and SVP of Finance, S&P Global, Inc., commented, “When something doesn’t go right, KPMG’s going to speak up. We’ve worked with other consultants that weren’t ready to do that, so we really wanted to hear the truth throughout the project. And whatever the problem, it always became a team challenge, and they were ready to solve it. We always got the straight story from KPMG, and we always knew that they had our back.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

What is key about this announcement is that it is a newly created role. Crowder has been rewarded for her service and relationships with Oracle. She will lead KPMG in a better coordinated global relationship with the technology giant.

National lines can sometimes fragment alignment between the global SIs and technology firms. In making this appointment KPMG is aiming to align the Oracle services teams in one direction. This will not only help KPMG deliver a more consistent approach it should also help global clients and Oracle.


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