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The Other House, Covent Garden – Image credit: ©2024 The Other House

In 2022, The Other House completed its deployment of Sage Intacct with the assistance of Percipient. The hospitality firm has now extended that solution with the implementation of Sage Intact Planning. Again with the assistance of Percipient. It will use Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) to enhance its forecasting and planning to even greater levels.

When the Other House first deployed Sage Intacct, it delivered transparency and intelligence about customer experience, profitability and operational processes. With the Percipient experience in the hospitality industry, the solution went beyond just being a financial solution. It automated processes and enabled the business to understand and react quickly to changing circumstances.

Ashley Slinger, Director of Operations Finance at The Other House, image credit - LinkedIn
Ashley Slinger, Director of Operations Finance at The Other House

The firm has now deployed Sage Intacct Planning to help better forecast and plan for the future. Sage Intacct delivers the information it needs to run the current business. SIP gives it the information it needs to steer the business to greater success. Sage Intacct Planning provides intelligence around future trends on different aspects of the business. This allows it to take the best mitigating action to steer a better course.

Ashley Slinger, Director of Operations Finance at The Other House, commented, “SIP links smoothly, mapping budgets and forecasts to actuals, makes our planning both informed and easy. Forecasts are available weekly, monthly or on a rolling basis according to need or preference, and these can be adjusted as events or dynamics change. Drivers can be set up against all cost bases, from concierge services to laundry or housekeeping to drive planning and ensure costs are correct.

Changing the business for the better

Slinger also explains how SIP is making a real difference within the business. Monthly meetings are no longer about looking back at historical data. It is about looking at the actual real time and the forecast that SIP provides for next quarter future. The visibility of what is and will happen in the business has enabled it to work better with all stakeholders. Helping them prepare for the impact of changes that need to be made.

A typical example of this is the opening of its Covent Garden House, due in 2025. This will be a new residents club in the heart of London that will welcome members for a day, week, month, years or more. The club will contain a vitality pool, 24/7 gym, wellness studios and rooftop terrace. Sage Intacct as helped the Other House through the planning process and enabled it to better prepare for the opening.

Percipient delivers

The Other House has also maintained its relationship with its Sage Intacct Partner, Percipient. Percipient has a lot of experience within the hospitality sector and shared its expertise in the deployment of SIP.

Slinger noted, “The team at Percipient has been invaluable throughout this project. Not only have we benefitted from the consistency of the same team responsible for our Sage Intacct deployment, but they’ve been committed, dedicated and tenacious in ensuring SIP delivers for us.

“Their understanding of our business model, which is fairly unusual within the hospitality space, and friendly, flexible approach to ensuring everything is right, ensured a seamless go-live. As we continue to get to grips with the solution they’re always on hand to support us and provide solutions to any challenges we come up against.

“Ultimately, the live intelligence and insights on all aspects of our business which Sage Intacct and SIP converge to deliver, give us truly end-to-end financials, budgeting, forecasting and planning. The detail and dashboard-based insights mean that we have unprecedented levels of depth and detail on each and every number, which in turn allows us to plan better, refine strategy and scale in the best way possible.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Within two years of implementing Sage Intacct, The Other House has already deepened its investment in the Sage Intacct platform. Percipient is proving that not only is it capable of providing Sage implementation services that satisfy customers. Its understanding of the hospitality industry is helping customers to continue their digital transformation.

Percipient has a growing list of hospitality customers with customers such as Troo Hospitality, Axiom and McKeever hotels. Will it add to this list further in 2024?


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