Image credit: Elle Charlton / The Shakespeare Hotel- Stratford Upon Avon Percipient has helped TROO Hospitality deploy Sage Intacct as part of its digitisation strategy. Founded in April 2022 by Winston Zahra, TROO is backed by Millemont Capital Partners. It aims to become one of the leading Hospitality Management companies in only a few years.

To help run the financial operation, TROO turned to Sage Intacct with the support of Percipient. The Sage partner has a track record of delivering successful projects in the hospitality industry for cloud-based financial software. TROO believes that Intacct offers them a platform that they can operate from anywhere. It will deliver consistent information that will help reduce risk and inaccuracies. Importantly, it will reduce the reliance on spreadsheets and help deliver a competitive advantage as they grow.

With support for multiple dimensions, multi-entity support and integrations to other HMS solutions, TROO selected Sage Intacct. TROO already manages hotels such as Hotel Football, Stock Exchange Hotel, Mercure Aberdeen Caledonian, Mercure Eastgate Hotel Oxford and the Shakespeare Hotel. Located in Stratford Upon Avon, The Shakespeare Hotel is currently closed as it is building a nineteen-room extension and plans to reopen in early 2025.

The project

Percipient rolled out Intacct in an eight-week project. The solution had an immediate impact, with Steve Armstrong, Finance Director, TROO Hospitality, explaining, “With Sage Intacct at our helm, P&L can be produced in just a few days, while month-end close has shrunk from two weeks to just four days. Easy to digest and understand, reports are sent automatically and allow business users to drill down into whatever level of detail they need. Any anomalies can be easily spotted and investigated.”

TROO also values the user experience that Sage Intacct delivers. It enables the hotel general managers to access the information they need to implement their strategy. It also helps create a good employee experience that makes it easier to deliver an excellent customer experience. The general managers now have visibility across every financial metric within their hotel.

Percipient has personalised the deployment using its knowledge of the hospitality industry. That knowledge was gained in deploying Sage Intacct to other hotel chains such as Village Hotels and Exclusive Collection. It was this knowledge and also the prior experience that the TROO leadership team had with Percipient that led them to engage with them again.

Armstrong commented. “From the get-go, Percipient understood our business, our industry, and was completely attuned to our goals and ethos. The people have been great to work with, and the fact that were live within just a few months with minimal training is a testament to their experience and dedication. We are looking forward to pursuing further growth with both a world-class digital platform and partner supporting us along our journey.”

It is all about customer experience.

For TROO, Sage Intacct has delivered the digital experience it was looking for. It has enabled general managers to have the right level of autonomy. They no longer have to spend huge amounts of time on administration, filling out spreadsheets and creating reports.  Sage Intacct provides the financial information they need in a timely way that they can then act upon. It means that they can spend more time managing the hotel. They will spend less time in the office and more time talking to guests and employees to deliver a great experience.

Armstrong concluded, “The guest experience is everything in our industry. With an ethos which is very much focused on a people-led service and personalisation, Sage Intacct delivers the intelligence, automation and organisation which underpin and optimise TROO’s employees’ potential to deliver against this. An example of this is the efforts TROO makes to ensure the employee journey is as efficient as possible. Removing as much bureaucracy as possible and time spent in front of a computer screen, allowing the team to spend more time with their guests providing a warm welcome and delivering best-in-class service.”

Commenting on the news, Chris Stock, MD at Percipient, said, “Our latest Percipient success story gives a fantastic insight into how Sage Intacct, Inc. has helped streamline TROO Hospitality’s business and drive quicker decision-making. Fantastic collaboration from both parties in deployment.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is the kind of project that has seen Percipient recognised with the UKI Sage Industry Specialist of the Year Award for 2023. The firm continues to win new business for Sage Intacct in the UK. It is one of the leading partners in the country.

TROO is also a significant win for both Sage and Percipient. The firm has large growth ambitions. The implementation should see a modest increase in revenues for both firms as that expansion continues. Most relevant is that it was the experience of the leadership with Percipient that drew TROO back to Sage Intacct and Percipient. This is customer advocacy at its best and bodes well for 2024.


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