Saturday, October 31, 2020
IFS wins three deals with manufacturers in Sri Lanka (Image credit IFS)

Three in one for IFS in Sri Lanka

IFS has won three new deals to implement IFS Applications 9 at three manufacturers in Sri Lanka. The announcement named Cable Solutions Lanka Pvt Ltd, Prime Packaging Lanka, and Quality Floors...
Businessman - Image credit Pixabay/geralt)

Now Accelo improves Gantt Chart

2019 is turning out to be the year that vendors focus on improving the functionality of their Gantt charts. The latest vendor to announce updates to its Gantt chart is Accelo....
Coffee cup image credit PIxabay/qimono

Epicor delights Flavourtech

Vendor @EpicorAPAC wins #ERP deal at @FlavourTech a fast growing #Australian #Manufacturer #EpicorInsights19
Mavelink M-Bridge

Enabling the cloud of clouds

Mavenlink has unveiled the next iteration of their integration strategy with the launch of M-Bridge. M-Bridge is a services centric integration and extensibility platform. Mavenlink has a very clear vision for...
Image credit Pixabay/Pete Linforth

Icertis AI brings contracts to life

Icertis has announced two new applications powered by Artificial Intelligence for the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform: ICM DigitizeAI and ICM DiscoverAI. The new applications leverage the Microsoft AI services from...
IntelliPlex Production Analytics Dashboard (Image credit Plex)

Plex delivers production boost with analytics

Plex has announced a new module for their IntelliPlex Analytic Application Suite. The IntelliPlex Production Analytic Application is now available and provides manufacturing intelligence and insight based on IIoT (Industrial Internet...
SApple Aand Salesforce IMage CRedit Pixabay/PIRO4D, Apple and Salesforce

Apple and Salesforce get cozy on Apps

Apple and Salesforce have announced a new strategic partnership in the first press release from the CRM giant. I wrote about the possibility of this announcement when Apple was notably absent...
Nerve cell network Image credit pixabay/ColiN00b

Salesforce enable mindfulness for the enterprise

At Dreamforce today Salesforce announced Salesforce Customer 360. This is a new product that enables companies to join up their disparate data systems. It aims to deliver the kind of self-awareness...
Workday Planning screenshots (Source: Workday)

Workday Planning for success

Workday announced the new Workday Planning solution at Workday Rising this week. Enterprise Times spoke to Carolyn Horne, RVP UKI & Country Manager and Grant Currie, Sr Director, Corporate Communications EMEA of Workday....
Qualtrics Nib

Qualtrics to IPO, but ownership stays with SAP

In a surprise announcement @SAP has revealed that it will consider launching an #IPO for @Qualtrics #XM


Apple profits up but shares go down (Image Credit: Xiong Yan on Unsplash)

Apple profits up but shares go down

Apple has reported its FY20/Q4 results showing that sales continue to increase, despite the global lockdown and a drop in sales in China. Despite...
Excel cells coloured - Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Colour a cell dependent upon another

There are many different situations where we need to colour cells in Excel to help us understand the data more quickly. To be able...
Girl Happy Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Calabrio launches new workforce engagement management to empower employees

Calabrio launched Calabrio One at Calabrio Customer Connect, its first virtual conference this week. Calabrio One is a cloud-based workforce engagement management (WEM) suite...
Polaris PSA - Image by _freakwave_ from Pixabay

Polaris PSA shines brightly

Two years and $20+ million in development costs are what it has taken to create Polaris PSA, the next generation of Replicon PSA. That...
Racing Formula One Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

Kimble rebuilds project management for F1 performance

Kimble has released details of its Winter 21 release. In creating this release, Kimble made the brave decision to re-architect the data schema for...
Healthcare cybersecurity moving from intensive care to recovery (Image Credit: sandro porfirio on Unsplash)

Healthcare cybersecurity moving from intensive care to recovery

Forescout has published its Connected Medical Device Security report. It is a look at the 3.3 million devices in the Forescout Device Cloud. Forescout...

WEF’s GSMI and its ‘Map of Blockchain Standards’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and industry leaders have released what they call the 'Global Standards Mapping Initiative' (GSMI). Subtitled an effort to assess...
New version of CyberSense aims to stay ahead of Ransomware (Image Credit: vishnu vijayan from Pixabay)

New version of CyberSense aims to stay ahead of Ransomware

Index Engines has announced a new version of its CyberSense product. It is now faster and capable of handling much higher levels of throughput....
(Credit image/Pixabay/F. Muhammad)

BigCommerce streamlines omnichannel sales experience with Channel Manager

BigCommerce has announced the availability of Channel Manager. A modernised platform feature that makes it easier for merchants to manage their comprehensive omnichannel sales...
Varonis makes it first acquisition as it snaps up Polyrize (Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay)

Varonis makes its first acquisition as it snaps up Polyrize

Varonis has announced plans to acquire Polyrize for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition is expected to close by Q4/2020. The announcement came as Varonis...
(credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Salesforce Research highlights digital customer expectations

Salesforce has released the fourth edition of its State of the Connected Customer report. The research reveals that the string of crises has affected...
Pen Project Image credit Image by ds_30 from Pixabay

KeyedIn strengthens Dynamic Demand Resource Modelling in PPM solution

KeyedIn has released details of KeyedIn Projects 7.2. This is the latest version of its PPM solution and strengthens the management of product portfolios...
Innovation Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Can Idea Pipeline enable innovation in your business?

Brenock Technology has launched Idea Pipeline, a customer engagement platform that facilitates innovation within enterprises. Geoffrey Moore once commented: “Sustaining innovation is the lifeblood... apps marketplace

Monday.Com launches apps marketplace

0 has launched an Apps marketplace to provide a platform for applications created using the Apps Framework it announced earlier this year. The marketplace...