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ERP Vendors predict the technology that will impact Manufacturers in 2024

It's that time of year when vendors like to predict the year ahead. This year, we decided to be a little more prescriptive. We sent some specific questions to 12 ERP...
Conversation with Kevin Stilwell of SYSPRO - Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A Conversation with SYSPRO

Enterprise Times spoke to Kevin Stilwell, Channel Sales Manager of SYSPRO, EMEA. His role is to develop the UK  market alongside partners. Within the UK, the global ERP has never sold...
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Professional Services Industry predictions for 2024

Predictions for 2024 are popular as the end of the year approaches. Enterprise Times likes to ask vendors for their predictions, asking a few simple questions to gain some insights about...
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A conversation with Newgen Software

I recently spoke to Varun Goswami, Vice President of Product Management at Newgen Software. Varun joined Newgen in 1997 as a programmer and made the switch to Product Management during his...
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A conversation with WSO2 Founder and CEO – Dr Sanjiva Weerawarana

Enterprise Times recently spoke to Sanjiva Weerawarana, Founder, Director and CEO of WSO2. Founded in 2005, Colombo, Sri Lanka, WSO2 was initially an open-source middleware company. The firm continues to grow...
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A conversation with DataArt

Enterprise Times recently spoke with Dmitry Bagrov, UK MD of DataArt. Founded in New York  in 1997, the company has grown steadily. In 2007 it opened two R&D offices in Ukraine,...
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A conversation with HIT Technology

Enterprise Times caught up with Andrew Longland recently. Longland is the Managing Director of HIT Technology, a Syspro partner. He joined the company two years ago to accelerate its growth as...
A conversation with Wasabi (Image Credit: getty-images-pamzgvziyJE-unsplash)

A conversation with Wasabi

Wasabi is a cloud storage provider that only sells to the channel in Europe. It marks them out from other storage vendors who have mixed models. For Wasabi, it means that...
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A Conversation with FormAssembly

At Dreamforce, Enterprise Times spoke with Hal Mady, CRO at FormAssembly. The first question was to ask him to give a 30-second pitch for FormAssembly. “FormAssembly is a data collection tool. What...
Conversation with Proggio, Image credit PIxabay\Tumisu

A conversation with Proggio

Proggio was founded by Yaniv Shor and Barak Schiby in 2016. The product is based on a holistic approach to project portfolio management. It focuses on managerial and team alignment and...
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Zoho – Group actions in Projects

Being able to tick off several tasks at one time is a time saver.


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P Cory Hogan takes on CEO role at Screendragon

Screendragon has announced the appointment of P Cory Hogan as its new CEO. He takes on the position from Co-Founders Jan Quant and John...
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Westlake Global Compounds opts for FourKites to improve supply chain visibility

FourKites has announced that Westlake Global Compounds, a global manufacturer of PVC compounds, has enhanced its supply chain visibility with the FourKites platform. The...
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Amperity launches new media measurement tools

Amperity, has announced it expanded its paid media capabilities to help brands close the digital advertising feedback loop with a “first-party data advertising graph.”...
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What is the State of Warehouse Operations?

Manhattan Associates Inc. has published findings from its 2024 State of Warehouse Operations research. The research was conducted by Vanson Bourne. It was based...
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Monta to offer a way to charge your EV in cleaner way with Electricity...

According to research by EY, the motivator for buying electric vehicles is concern for the environment. However, EV users still cannot say whether the...
Salesforce (credit image/Enterprise Times/Roy Edwards)

Salesforce opens the world’s first AI Centre in London

Salesforce opened its first AI centre in central London, welcoming more than a hundred developers and administrators to a free AI training event at...
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Seismic puts Gen AI at forefront of Spring/Summer release

Seismic, the sales enablement vendor, has announced its Spring/Summer 2024 product release. The update includes several AI-powered tools. Including the early availability of Aura...
FSB GoCardlkess Announcement © GoCardless 2024

GoCardless teams up with the FSB to help address late payments

GoCardless has partnered with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Together they will help small businesses tackle the ever-present issue of late payments. Last...
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Democratising Data and Process Insights

Democratising access to data is a major challenge for many organisations. Yet, how are employees expected to mine and use data effectively without access?...
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With whom and how should a CEO communicate

This is the 73rd in a series of business tips from industry leaders that Enterprise Times has spoken to. Enterprise Times recently interviewed Grant...
AIM Security gets funding to secure GenAI Enterprise Adoption (Image Credit: Ian Murphy using Adobe Firefly)

AIM Security gets funding to secure GenAI Enterprise Adoption

AIM Security has closed a US$18 million Series A funding round as it seeks to secure generative AI enterprise adoption. The funding round was...
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commercetools unveils HIPAA-Compliant solution to help healthcare with digital commerce

commercetools has launched commercetools for Healthcare, its new HIPAA-compliant and HDS-certified solution. The innovation enables healthcare companies worldwide to create and deliver exceptional, secure...
Alchemer Pulse (c) Alchemer 2024

Does Alchemer Pulse change the way surveys are created?

Alchemer, the vendor behind one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective enterprise feedback management platforms on the market, has announced Alchemer Pulse. The...
Meta drops plans to enrol EU/EEA data into AI (Image Credit: Ian Murphy using Adobe Firefly)

Meta drops plans to enrol EU/EEA data into AI

Meta has backtracked on its plans to mass enrol the data of EU/EEA users into unspecified AI solutions. Meta has argued legitimate interest in...