Saturday, July 2, 2022
Salesforce (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Salesforce launches Sales Cloud Unlimited to support productivity with AI and automation sales cloud

Salesforce has launched Sales Cloud Unlimited, a unified platform with everything sales teams need in one place. The company says the new solution aims to drive growth and turn sales reps...
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Future of work, digital skills shortage and giving back major themes in Salesforce London...

Zahra Bahrololoumi, Salesforce UKI CEO, provided the keynote address at the company’s World Tour in London’s ExCel Centre. The company also made a number of announcements including the launch of Sales...
Asana (credit image/Pexels/Fox)

Asana unveils Employee Impact Suite to keep teams aligned and engaged

Asana has announced a suite of features and partnerships giving managers the tools to better support their teams with alignment and focus. The company says the new offerings help managers sync... (credit image/Pexels/fauxels) adds monetisation solution to apps marketplace

0 has launched a monetisation framework for its monday apps marketplace. The new marketplace monetisation solution will give developers and partners the ability to integrate and manage app payments. This can...
Sage sees UK and US employers wanting more technical skills from new hires (Image Credit: Pexels/Fauxels)

Sage sees UK and US employers wanting more technical skills from new hires

Recent Sage research shows that US employers are demanding higher technical skills from new hires. The research was presented last week at the Sage Partner Summit event in Dallas. It showed...
Pure expands its Evergreen portfolio (Image Credit: Pure Storage)

Pure expands its Evergreen portfolio

Pure Storage has expanded its Evergreen storage portfolio. At its annual conference, Pure//Accelerate, it announced Evergreen//Flex. It is a new addition to its subscription-based storage offerings. It is aimed at larger...
Acquisition Epicor - Data Interchange - Image Credit Pixabay\Tumisu

Epicor invests in European EDI with acquisition

Epicor has announced the acquisition of Data Interchange; a UK based EDI solution and services provider. The acquisition comes nearly three years after Epicor acquired 1 EDI Source that gave it...

STIHL powers up contract management with SirionLabs

STIHL, a power tool industry leader, has opted to deploy the SirionLabs Contract Lifecycle Management solution to control its contract landscape. STIHL had already migrated from a legacy SAP R3 solution...
Digital Twin, IMage credit Pixabay\Tumisu

ParkourSC brings digital twins for supply chain operations

ParkourSC has announced the release of a digital twin capability for supply chain operations. The new features will enable organisations to achieve greater resilience, agility, and transparency. All three are critical...
Flowers June Image by Kanenori from Pixabay

News from the week beginning 29th May 2022

News from the week beginning 29th May 2022 includes details of Trust 22, Precisely's annual data integrity conference


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Advanced powers up Edtech portfolio with Pellcomp

Advanced has acquired Pellcomp (Trinity Software Limited), the vendor behind PICS, a trusted platform for training and employability providers. PICS has two major components:...
Is your Business ESG Compliant? - Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Image on Pixabay

Fenergo adds ESG compliance engine to CLM platform

Fenergo has launched a new ESG solution that aims to reduce regulatory and reputational risk and streamline operations for financial institutions around ESG. It...
Attest (credit image/Pixabay/justynafaliszek)

Attest research says 26% of Britons have reduced online spending

A new report suggests a significant section of the UK public has pulled back on online shopping in the last six months. The new...
Avast discovers teen recruited to malware-as-a-service (Image Credit: freestocks on Unsplash)

Avast discovers teens recruited to malware-as-a-service

Avast has discovered that teens are being recruited to a malware-as-a-service. The group behind the scam is providing very low-cost access to malware builders...
Jitterbit Hyperautomation (c)2022

Has EMEA entered the age of hyperautomation

Jitterbit has discovered that organisations in EMEA now see Hyperautomation as a priority for their business. A new Jitterbit report, “SaaS Partnerships in the...
Appointment Door - Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

Precisely hires first Chief Privacy Officer

Precisely has announced its first Chief Privacy Officer, Anna Langhorne. According to her LinkedIn page, Langhorne was appointed and began the role in May...
Goodcall (Credit image/Pixabay/Rodrigo_SalomonHC )

Goodcall partnership with Wix to give businesses a 24/7 AI Phone Assistant

Goodcall and Wix have announced a new partnership. Wix business owners in the US can now deploy Goodcall's 24/7 phone assistant. Goodcall is a...
Mulesoft(credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Salesforce expands MuleSoft with Automation and workflow Integration

Salesforce has launched the next generation of MuleSoft, the unified solution for automation, integration, and APIs. Salesforce says the solution easily automates any workflow...
Wunderman Thompson (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Wunderman Thompson unveils online shopping report

Wunderman Thompson has unveiled its latest report about online shopping. The Future Shopper Report 2022 uncovers what consumers want from their digital shopping experience....
Software Testing Image by testbytes from Pixabay

The business risk of untested software in the UK and US

UK and US business faces a major risk because software is untested. According to research by Leapwork, 69% of UK (US 85%), CEOs believe...
Acquisition ParkourSC Qopper - - Image Credit PixabayTumisu

ParkourSC acquires Qopper to extend digital supply chain capabilities

ParkourSC has announced the acquisition of Qopper, the smart operations and IoT Intelligence Company. According to the Qopper LinkedIn profile, the acquisition closed in...
Eureka Solution (credit image/PIxabat/pexels)

Eureka Solutions reveal new fix for developers managing data integration

Ecommerce developers struggling to cope with a pandemic boom in demand have been offered a lifeline, by Eureka Solutions. The UK fintech company says...
How good are your password policies? (Image Credit: mohamed Hassan from Pixabay )

How good are your password policies?

The password policies of too many websites fail to follow best practices says the University of Princeton. It recently investigated the website policies of...
Blockchain Catch-up

Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up 2022-Week 25

This is Charles Brett's start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ 2022-Week 25. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective. It is not intended to be comprehensive but...