Thursday, October 1, 2020
itelli 2019 (c) S Brooks

Andy Steer reveals how SAP will defeat Salesforce

At the itelligence annual conference, itelli2019 Enterprise Times spoke to Andy Steer, VP and Chief Technology Officer, itelligence Business Solutions UK Ltd. The conversation started with the question “Has SAP lost...
Clouds Salesforce Image credit Pixabay/kalhh

Understanding Salesforce Einstein

There are several flavours of Salesforce Einstein and this podcast aims to demystify the different aspects of the Salesforce AI platform. Enterprise Times spoke to Julien Sauvage, Director of Product Marketing for...
Inforum Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images for Infor)

Infor Coleman, what is it and what it will be

At Inforum Enterprise Times sat down with Rick Rider Senior Director of Product Management at Infor and Mike Kalinowski, Senior Product Manager at Infor to talk about Coleman, the Infor AI...
Artificial Intelligence / AI Image credit pixabay/chetraruc

AI strategy with Himanshu Palsule, CTO – Epicor

In this podcast, recorded at Epicor Insights, Himansu Palsule, CTO Epicor talks about the focus for Epicor looking forward and how UX and Artificial Intelligence are key to enhancing its different...
Steve Grobman, CTO, McAfee on ML and AI in cyber security

Steve Grobman, CTO, McAfee on ML and AI in cyber security

At McAfee's European User conference, MPOWER, Enterprise Times caught up with Steve Grobman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee. In his keynote, Grobman talked about the challenges of using...

James Spiteri on why security teams need Elastic Search

This podcast is no longer available  
(c) 2018 Unit4 Jeremy Roche on stage at Unit4 Connect in Amsterdam

Understanding Unit4 direction with Jeremy Roche

This week Unit4 held its Connect Ambassadors conference in Amsterdam. Enterprise Times attended the event and had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Roche to discuss the weeks news and...

Dan Jeavons talks about how analytics is helping to deliver transformation at Shell

Dan Jeavons, General Manager, Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence, Shell talks about how analytics is changing the company. We spoke to Jeavons at Alteryx Inspire after he gave a presentation the deployment of...
Workday Rising keynote 2018 (Imag ecredit Workday)

Chano Fernandez talks frankly at Workday Rising

This year in Vienna,Workday held its annual European conference and its first in the DACH region. It was the largest yet and demonstrates the penetration that Workday has across Europe already,just...
Massimo Cappochia talks about Coleman AI

Massimo Capoccia talks about Coleman AI

At Infor's Inforum conference in Washington, DC, Infor launched its Coleman Digital Assistant. It is the first of the Coleman AI family products that the company is planning. Enterprise Times sat down...


Can a computer program be unintelligible yet still work? (Image Credit: Jae Rue from Pixabay)

Can a computer program be unintelligible yet still work?

Is it possible to make a computer program unintelligible to anyone trying to disassemble it yet still retain its functionality? It's a key question...
Tigergraph Enterprise Free

TigerGraph launches turns back time with free on-premises version.

At the industry’s first open virtual conference organized by TigerGraph Graph + AI World 2020, TigerGraph made several announcements. These included a new free...
Fraud rise driven by shoppers moving online during lockdown (Image Credit: Bruno /Germany from Pixabay )

Fraud rise driven by shoppers moving online during lockdown

Forter has released its 9th annual Fraud Attack Index. At 46 pages, it paints a damning picture of how fraud prevention solutions are failing...
(Image credit/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Cloud adoption saved half of UK businesses from COVID-19 collapse

Fifty-one percent of UK business leaders say their shift to a cloud computing-based business model has saved their company from collapse during the COVID-19...
Police Scotland National Centre of Excellence targets cybercrime (Image Credit: Elchinator from Pixabay)

Police Scotland National Centre of Excellence targets cybercrime

Police Scotland has announced plans to establish a National Centre of Excellence to deal with cybercrime. The move comes as part of its Cyber...
ICON Foundation

ICON 2.0, an architecture for cross-chain interoperability/DeFi

The ICON Foundation has introduced a roadmap for its next-generation blockchain software architecture. It is, at least initially, calling this ICON 2.0. It believes this...
Do too many users have privileged access at your organisation? (Image Credit: Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash)

Do too many users have privileged access at your organisation?

Too many users have privileged access to data across both commercial and government organisations. That is the conclusion of a report from Forcepoint and...
Blockchain Catch-up

Blockchain Catch-up Week 37 (to w/e 25th September)

This is a start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ for Week 37. The catch-up is not intended to be comprehensive; it seeks to highlight developments...
CrowdStrike strengthens its zero trust capabilities with acquisition (Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

CrowdStrike strengthens its zero trust capabilities with acquisition

CrowdStrike has strengthened its zero-trust capabilities with the planned acquisition of Preempt Security. The deal is expected to complete in the next few months...
Elia Group

Elia Group + Energy Web launch partnership based around EW-DOS

Elia Group and Energy Web (EW) are to partner in a multi-year strategy. This will focus on testing and validating the technological promises of...
funding (Source Olson

MineralTree raises $50 million and makes double acquisition

Payments automation solution provider Mineral Tree has raised $50 million in a Series D funding round. It was led by existing investors Great Hill...
Double down love Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

atSpoke doubles down on Slack integration

atSpoke continues to enhance its workplace operations platform. Its latest announcement sees further enhancements to the atSpoke for Slack integration. It builds on announcements...
(Image credit/Pixabay/ Werner Moser )

Report highlights CMS digital experience innovation gap

Contentful has released results of the industry’s largest-ever survey of digital leaders and content creators. While 90% of respondents believe delivering digital experiences is...
ConnectWise launches bug bounty programme (Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

ConnectWise launches bug bounty programme

ConnectWise has launched a bug bounty programme to improve the quality of its software. The programme will be managed by HackerOne, who run programmes...