Massimo Cappochia talks about Coleman AIAt Infor’s Inforum conference in Washington, DC, Infor launched its Coleman Digital Assistant. It is the first of the Coleman AI family products that the company is planning. Enterprise Times sat down with Massimo Capoccia, SVP Infor OS, Technology, Infor to talk about Coleman and other technologies that Infor is planning to bring to market.

Unlike many of its competitors, Infor has developed Coleman completely in-house. This is a brave move. AI is a technology that is developing rapidly and has a high cost to get into. It also requires a lot of highly skilled staff to develop an AI engine on which to build products. By going it alone, Infor is sending the message to the market that it is a major player.

Massimo Capoccia, SVP Infor OS, Technology, Infor
Massimo Capoccia, SVP Infor OS, Technology, Infor

The Coleman Digital Assistant is just the first of several products Infor is planning in this space. It is designed to work through the Infor apps on desktop, cloud and mobile. Capoccia also told us that the company plans to take advantage of Amazon Alexa. It will allow businesses to buy their own Alexa devices and use them with the Coleman tools. Eventually, the plan is to make it deployable on personal Alexa devices but that requires some work on authentication and data protection.

To hear more of what Capoccia had to say listen to the podcast.

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