Imag ecredit pixabay/voltamaxsimPRO has announced the simPRO Quote and Sales module. The new module will enable field service engineers to quote for the next job rather than refer the customer back to a call centre. The new mobile enabled app will also enable field engineers to provide information on goods, services and materials.

Field engineers who adopt the new tool can deliver an improved level of service to customers. They can provide quotes on the spot for additional work after the successful completion of their previous task. Customers will have the quotation to hand should they wish to take it up at a later date.

The solution also provides the option for the engineers to offer a membership or subscription option. Thus moving the one off service to a regular income for the company. The apps flexibility allows the engineer to offer discounts should the customer request regular service visits.

The app is the first available in the UK in the new simPRO Mobile line, which enables field service engineers to deliver more.

More than a simple mobile app

The new app is more than just a tool for the service engineer. It is designed as a point of sale and demonstration solution.

Jonathan Eastgate , simPRO Chief Technology Officer (Image credit Linkedin)
Jonathan Eastgate , simPRO Chief Technology Officer

simPRO Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Eastgate explained further: “With our new Quote and Sales module, engineers can present multiple options for their customers before quoting and can even upsell on products and services. They can also then show images of catalogue items, play videos and display supporting materials such as manuals to customers which makes the whole quoting process very interactive.”

There are some pros and cons to this new app. Eastgate is quick to point out the advantages: “Our clients’ customers also benefit from the drastic reduction in logistical stress. Imagine a world where you can immediately receive an on-site sales consultation, select what you need from a range of options, receive and sign for a quote and then see the work begin straight away.”

This sounds ideal, but not every service engagement should be turned into a sales opportunity. Many companies will need to train service engineers in when and how to sell. Otherwise this could alienate customers and move a satisfactory service engagement with a repeat customer to one that is the final engagement. This is a useful tool in the right hands. However, companies will need to consider carefully whether and how they should adopt the app.

The mobile app through simPRO also integrates with external systems like QuickBooks, Xero, Gmail and Outlook. Thus repeat appointments are scheduled for the field engineer. The inference is that quotes are also passed into the accounting solutions, though it is unclear what the level of integration is. The simPRO Quote and Sales module is available free for simPRO Enterprise customers with a field license at no extra cost.

What does this mean

simPRO is continually pushing out updates that are more than minor tweaks to its software. The simPRO Quote and Sales module delivers some much needed functionality for some customer field service agents. However, for others they will need to carefully consider the roll out should they choose to adopt the application.


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