Inforum Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images for Infor) used with permission of InforAt Inforum Enterprise Times sat down with Rick Rider Senior Director of Product Management at Infor and Mike Kalinowski, Senior Product Manager at Infor to talk about Coleman, the Infor AI platform. They revealed what has happened in the two years since it was first announced. From just an idea two years ago Infor is now able to bring machine learning and AI solutions to business.

Rick Rider Sr. Director, Product Management at Infor (Image credit Linkedin)
Rick Rider Sr. Director, Product Management at Infor

Infor is aiming to bring Coleman into the hands of the business users without coding or scripting. The goal is to reduce not replace the data scientists in an organisation. This is because organisations still need someone to write the specific algorithms they need. Rider explains how Coleman can reduce the implementation time of delivering a machine learning model down to four to six weeks. The Infor solution is also able to deliver the whole life-cycle not just the algorithm.

Mike Kalinowski, Senior Product Manager at Infor
Mike Kalinowski, Senior Product Manager at Infor

One of the key announcements at Inforum 18 was the Infor data lake. Kalinowski talks about how Ion can enable data ingestion from third party solutions to the Infor data lake. He observed: “We want to create value out of storage and persistence to help customers and enterprises really invest in not just their short term analytics  skills but longer term enterprise  strategies and  machine learning plays a really critical role in it.” 

Rider also reveals what the future holds for Infor. this includes what it is developing and what customers will see in two years.

To hear what else Rider and Kalinowski had to say, listen to the podcast.

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