Military veterans are one of the fastest-growing communities in the cybersecurity sector. Their ability to operate under pressure makes them popular with employers, but many struggle for guidance on what training they need to break into the industry.

In a podcast with James “Jim” McMurry, CEO of ThreatHunter, we dive into the benefits that veterans bring to companies. He says, “A veteran brings a lot of skills with them that the average recent college graduate doesn’t have. That is an actual work ethic and an actual discipline.”

James McMurry, CEO of ThreatHunter (Image Credit: James McMurry)
James McMurry, CEO of ThreatHunter

Just as importantly, we talk about the challenges veterans face when entering the workplace. McMurry says, “We have so many organisations out there that say they offer training to veterans and so many different government programmes, it can be very confusing. We’re not lacking in opportunities. What we’re lacking is how to guide those veterans appropriately.”

As a veteran himself, guiding veterans in employment is important to McMurry. In addition to employing them in his own business, ThreatHunter.AI, he also set up VETCON. It is a community where veterans support other veterans looking to get into cybersecurity. He is also offering bursaries to veterans who need some help to get into employment.

To hear what McMurry had to say, listen to the podcast.

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