itelli 2019 (c) S BrooksAt the itelligence annual conference, itelli2019 Enterprise Times spoke to Andy Steer, VP and Chief Technology Officer, itelligence Business Solutions UK Ltd. The conversation started with the question “Has SAP lost the battle of CRM with Salesforce”.

Steer then talks about the recent acquisition by SAP of Qualtrics and how by enabling it to bring together experience and operational data it was a smart move. He talks briefly about the key announcements by SAP at Sapphire.

Andy Steer, VP Chief Technology Officer, itelligence Business Solutions UK Ltd (Image credit Linkedin)
Andy Steer, VP Chief Technology Officer, itelligence Business Solutions UK Ltd

Steer has a background in BI and Data analytics. He discusses the current state of BI technology. Steer also looks at the state from a cultural perspective and how Qualtrics might help to make that change for SAP customers.

Companies are now starting to look at things from a data driven viewpoint. He notes how people in their daily life are receiving predictive information on things like credit card spend. This now means that they are now asking for similar functionality in their businesses.

Steer also believes that an approach to the implementation of BI should be simple rather than complex. He talks through how itelligence has made a difference at Pret A Manger. He reveals the approach to analytics that companies should take and how itelligence has delivered solutions to its clients like Pret a Manger.

Itelligence are a platinum consulting partner of SAP and celebrated its 30th year this year. During that time it has won and retained the business of many clients. It prides itself on a culture that is not out of place in a modern cloud firm. Steer talks about how trust is built and how the company approaches innovation.

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