Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayThis week, Asana unveiled some significant updates to its platform with new AI-powered capabilities. Kantata and Screendragon announced customer deployments, and revealed two senior sales appointments as it expands the office of CRO.

Asana, Planview, Procore and ScreenDragon all published pieces of research that will be covered in the research roundup tomorrow.


Asana announced new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that drive greater clarity, impact, and scale for executives, departments, and entire organizations. Through Asana’s Work Graph, these new enterprise-grade AI capabilities empower leaders to steer their organizations toward reaching goals and driving outcomes faster.

Asana’s new AI capabilities are designed to help entire organizations – individuals, departments, and leaders – work smarter and drive outcomes faster. From marketing executives wanting to drive clarity around annual planning and goals. To operations leaders looking to maximise impact by scaling strategic initiatives across departments. And IT executives eager to standardize work management on one enterprise-grade platform that is trusted, secure, and transparently uses AI. Asana’s new AI capabilities help enterprises around the world work smarter.

Dustin Moskovitz, Asana CEO, commented, “We stand at the precipice of a new golden age of innovation, where humans and AI together can achieve more than ever. Yet, so many leaders still find themselves without the right tools to save time and resources, drive impact, and hit their goals.

“With our new AI capabilities – powered by Asana’s Work Graph – our customers can now harness AI at work to drive greater clarity and accountability, and maximize impact at scale. Asana brings AI and human innovation together to help leaders understand how work gets done within their organizations in real-time and find ways to work more efficiently.”


Toyota Connected North America (TCNA) has reduced bench time from 15% to below 1% through workforce optimization after deploying the Kantata Professional Services Cloud. TCNA moved from using spreadsheets for its resource tracking and skills matching to Kantata OX.

Dave Knapstein, Manager Strategic Workforce planning at TCNA, commented, “Kantata has been a strong resource in helping Toyota Connected better optimize where staffing demand is for various projects to make sure we have the right people in the right place at the right time. The system has enabled our organization to have more informed budget and hiring conversations across our team that we couldn’t have before.

“Kantata is the tell-all system that we reference for how we’re performing in the organization across our projects as well as where our resources are on those projects. Everybody [at Kantata] from the top down has been great, from the implementation team to our customer service rep. We’ve had special trainings for things like report building. Trainers have been excellent.”

Other benefits that YCNA saw included:

  • Reduce time on the bench below 1%
  • Improve timesheet adoption by 25%, from 75% of hourly team members capturing their time in their previous system. To a current standard of between 95% and 98% timesheet compliance with Kantata
  • Precisely forecast project durations using data in Kantata. Driving forecasting accuracy that enables better planning, resource allocation and more efficient project execution

Matt Schlessman, VP of Global Customer Success, Kantata, commented, “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with professional services organizations like Toyota Connected — it is always exciting to see how Kantata is being used to orchestrate projects and people that are changing the way we think about things like mobility. The incredible results TCNA has achieved are a testament not just to the power of software purpose-built for the unique needs of professional services organizations, but also to the work our teams have done together to align Kantata’s capabilities with meaningful outcomes.”


Leantime has been selected as one of the 23 semi-finalists for the NC IDEA Fall 2023 SEED Grant Cycle. If selected, Leantime will gain a $50,000 grant to support business activities,  including the validation of target markets to reduce the risk associated with early-stage companies. The aim is to help companies in North Carolina reach the point of suitability for growth through investment or revenue. made two appointment announcements. It announced the promotion of Dean Swan to General Manager of Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ). It also promoted Jamison Powell to GM of North America and the company’s first Senior Vice President of Sales. The company is actively seeking a GM of EMEA.

These announcements support’s new hybrid regional structure, implemented on September 1, 2023. Yoni Osherov, CRO, stated, “This shift to a hybrid regional model is the natural next step to take and the CRO organization to the next level. While certain functions will remain global, the power behind this new structure brings a level of uniqueness to each region.

“This is crucial as we scale, as each regional leader will have the autonomy to create strategies that are tailored to specific market needs. Jamison and Dean have been influential leaders that have helped guide’s rapid growth in North America and APJ, and we look forward to seeing their continued impact in their elevated roles.”


Screendragon revealed that Red Antler, a leading brand company for startups and new ventures, is the latest agency to sign up for its agency management software. Screendragon will help Red Antler simplify and streamline its agency operations in 2023 and beyond.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 25th September 2023




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