EEA and WhiteblockThe EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) is partnering with Whiteblock to provide a testing environment for the EEA global membership base (of which Whiteblock is a member). Whiteblock Genesis is the world’s first end-to-end testing and development platform for blockchain and enterprise DLT developers.

The Genesis SaaS platform provisions virtual networks of nodes which enable users to develop in a controlled environment that replicates a production network or test and experiment under a variety of real-world scenarios. With Whiteblock as the EEA’s Official TestNet Provider, the EEA community will be able to try out possibilities within a controlled environment, and without a full-scale implementation,

The launch of the EEA TestNet is a major milestone on our journey to enable enterprises to deliver a superior customer experience and create new and innovative solutions,” said EEA Executive Director Ron Resnick. “The EEA’s business-focused approach enables the broader Ethereum business community to collaborate, innovate, and contribute to the evolution of world-class Ethereum solutions. The EEA’s TestNet brings us one step closer to creating an ecosystem that offers application availability from multiple vendors of choice.”

Ron Resnick
Ron Resnick

Establishing demonstrable metrics

Many blockchain companies make claims on scalability and transactions per second (tps) without independently verifying these metrics. Whiteblock Genesis will provide the EEA with an independent, objective method of validating performance claims via the Genesis testing and development platform. Adequate pre-deployment testing helps development teams avoid network failures and anticipate performance under suboptimal conditions when failure to deliver could significantly diminish credibility and market confidence.

Designed for collaboration, the EEA TestNet offers a constantly running test network using the Genesis platform. Members will be able to:

  • define their own scenarios
  • introduce their own nodes
  • deploy dApps.

The EEA TestNet will provide Metamask support and full data and analytics capabilities.

The EEA TestNet will enable members to collaborate and understand how Ethereum systems perform at scale in a deterministic and controlled manner,” said Zak Cole, Whiteblock CEO and EEA Testing and Certification Working Group Chair. “Whiteblock’s established testing methodology and tooling has been proven to accurately test complex networks at scale. We are pleased to be working alongside the EEA Testing and Certification Working Group members on this important EEA milestone.

The EEA / Whiteblock partnership

Zak Cole
Zak Cole

Through this partnership, the EEA will utilise the Whiteblock Genesis testing platform to orchestrate, manage and deploy the official test network of the EEA, the EEA TestNet. In the EEA partnership Genesis offers enterprises the ability to test out a number of end-to-end blockchain testing and development scenarios. By leveraging the EEA TestNet, the EEA community can collaborate around creating and testing new Ethereum-based business applications.

Key aspects include:

  • the EEA TestNet is free and available now to EEA members who can participate now by joining the EEA Testing and Certification Working Group
  • an openness to new members if they join the EEA.

By creating a testing sandbox, the intention is that enterprises:

  • gain insights and experiment on ways to deliver value to customers within the global blockchain marketplace
  • avoid having to incur the operational costs of establishing their live environments
  • open up the possibilities for investigating inter-enterprise collaborations.

In addition, early testing will prepare participating enterprises to take advantage of the EEA’s Certification Program. The EEA plans to launch its Certification Program later in 2020 as a means to ensure solutions conform and interoperate with EEA standards.

The upcoming EEA Certification Program

Via the TestNet, the EEA’s Testing and Certification Working Group will build and launch its EEA Certification Program. The objective is that solutions conform and interoperate with EEA standards.

The EEA Testing and Certification Working Group members currently include:

We’re very pleased to see the EEA launch its TestNet,” said Brian Behlendorf, executive director, Hyperledger, an EEA Associate Member. “This will help accelerate the tie-in between EEA technical specifications and Hyperledger projects that were built to adhere to those specifications. For example, Hyperledger Besu, which works with both public and private Ethereum networks, is the first Ethereum client project available through Hyperledger that conforms to the EEA’s Client Specification. Making Besu available on the EEA TestNet provides EEA members the opportunity to test their own applications with what we hope will eventually become EEA-certified, Hyperledger-hardened code.

Brian Behlendorf
Brian Behlendorf

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

Whiteblock Genesis seeks to enable developers and users with developing and testing performance and with security over a variety of networks. Developers can:

  • automate transactions
  • test fault tolerance
  • provision a private TestNet
  • simulate the conditions of a live and dynamic global blockchain network.

In the complex environment which is blockchain this is valuable. Arguably it will make Ethereum more attractive. Equally, though, the experience of using Genesis via EEA might be to convince potential users that their blockchain plans are not practical.


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