Don Schuerman talks about blockchainAt PegaWorld 2018, Pegasystems introduced the Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit. Unlike many other companies, it isn’t expecting its customers to work out blockchain on their own.

In the Blockchain Innovation Kit it has provided templates and a sample smart contract. These are aimed at its banking and finance customers doing KYC and CLM. The goal is to get them up and running with blockchain to solve problems that they have today.

Don Schuerman, CTO, Pegasystems
Don Schuerman, CTO, Pegasystems

To understand more about this announcement we talked with Don Schuerman, CTO, Pegasystems. During the conversation Schuerman explained what Pegasystems was thinking about and why it has taken this approach. He also gave us his view on where this would be by next years PegaWorld. Would it be integrated in Pega Infinity as a product? To find out, listen to the podcast.

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