Artificial Intelligence - Image credit Enterprise Times spoke to Bas de Vos, Director of IFS Labs. He has been in charge of IFS Labs at arguably one of the most exciting times for technology research and development. The conversation was animated and full of information about what the Labs has achieved, what it is working on now and where de Vos sees technology potentially go in the future.

We discussed Artificial Intelligence and de Vos views AI as a set of technologies that enable people to make products better. As with most things, he reflects the pragmatic view that IFS has around both R&D and new technology.

He explains what IFS is currently investigating in the AI space: Automation, predictive maintenance and human to machine interaction. de Vos also speculates about the future of Aurena, the recently launched UX from IFS.

He goes on to explain three types of automation that he believes are part of AI:

  • Anomaly detection, finding patterns in data
  • Automating individual transactions
  • Automation of multiple transactions, what de Vos calls optimisation

He shares his frank view on blockchain and where he sees it going. de Vos is not convinced that solutions are imminent in the industries that IFS works in. He also comments: “We all talk about blockchain but what we mean is Distributed ledger technology.”

Finally we ask him what tips he would give someone looking to start up their own R&D lab in a company.

To hear what else de Vos had to say listen to the podcast.

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