Image credit PIxabay/Lincerta and LinkedIN Sanj BhayroEnterprise Times spoke to Sanj Bhayro, SVP – EMEA Commercial Sales at Salesforce at the recent Salesforce World Tour event in London.  Sanj Bhayro spoke about how small businesses are finding that their challenges are being met.

CRM has moved on from ten years ago according to Bhayro when it was more about managing customer contacts. Today is it about customer experience and customer journeys. Salesforce Essentials is now able to meet that challenge after its update last year.

The discussion turned to Salesforce philanthropic initiatives. It is a subject that Bhayro was passionate about and one of the key reasons he has stayed at Salesforce so long.

While he recognises that it is often easier for start ups to bake in the culture of giving back from day one, he also believes that older companies can also adopt the ethos. He cited Sage as an example of an older more traditional company embracing the giving back pledge.

As an indication of the difference such a strategy can make Bhayro closed with the following powerful statement: “I am pretty proud of what we have achieved around our philanthropic model. It is great to see so much of it come to life.”

Companies aspire to have their workers proud to be employees, Salesforce has achieved that goal. It is reflected in the awards it has won for best places to work. Most recently it won the #1 spot in the Forbes best places to work.

To hear more of what Bhayro had to say, listen to the podcast.

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