Saturday, December 5, 2020
Counting Made fun - Source Image: / John Evans May 12 2006

Tips – How to create the count functions in Excel

There are many times when looking at a spreadsheet you need to know how many items there are in a certain section of how many rows are filled with data. Simply...
Gone Fishing - Image Source: / Sascha Beck May2, 2007

Tips – How to create an Out of Office message in Outlook

There is nothing more annoying than sending an email to someone, expecting a reply and receiving none. When you later find out that they were out the office for several days...
Possibilities : Image Source -

Using a list of choices to input data in Excel.

It can be so frustrating when you look over a database of information to find that how data was input can limit your ability to report on the data. This is...
Using Columns in Word documents - Source Image: 17 Oct, 19 2007

Tips – How to use columns of text in Word

When creating newsletters and the like, you may find yourself wanting to layout the text in a more traditional newspaper way. We are creatures of habit. As such we find reading...
Mobile Phones, AxiOmat deliver BaaS for mobile (Image Creditárcia Rodrigues)

Tips – ApiOmat: delivering mobile Strategy

Tuesday Startup Tip is ApiOmat, a German startup operating in Leipzig and Palo Alto. ApiOmat, was founded as Apinauten GmbH in 2012 by a group of experienced enterprise software and mobile...
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Using the SUMIFS function in Excel

There are lots of wonderful features in Excel now to make reporting on data easy and fun. But sometimes all you really need is a simple function. There are hundreds of...

Using Numbering in Word

This topic may sound so simple but unfortunately Microsoft Word is becoming more and more automated and things “just happen” and we don’t know why. I had a class not so...
So Bored : Image Credit - Freeimages/Martin Walls

Tips to staying motivated when your productivity dips

Every afternoon, at around 3pm, offices hit a wall. You're tired from staring at a screen, full from lunch and generally unenthused about your progress. You find yourself scrolling mindlessly through...
scheduling - image source: / Alesia17

Using scheduler in Outlook for meetings

In my last tip I showed you how to set up a meeting and chose the people I wanted invited to attend. Today I will show you where you can see...
Mathematical Rules not to be trifled with (Source Image: by Ear Candy)

Tips – Arithmetic operations in Excel

Do you still use a calculator to calculate your expenses sheet rather than a spreadsheet like Excel? When you use a calculator to add, subtract, divide and multiply a set of...


(image credit/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

Salesforce unveils Einstein Automate

Salesforce has unveiled Einstein Automate – an end-to-end workflow automation solution that empowers people and businesses to be more productive. Einstein Automate delivers automation...
Crayon continues expansion with acquisition of Sensa (Image Credit: Jonatan Pie on Unsplash)

Crayon continues expansion with acquisition of Sensa

Crayon has announced its agreement to purchase Managed Services company Sensa. The deal will cost Crayon ISK 3.25bn (£18.93 million). The purchase price will...
Salesforce Hyperforce (c) 2020 Salesforce

Salesforce goes public with Hyperforce

Salesforce is to make its platform available on “major” public clouds. The new architecture is called Salesforce Hyperforce. All Salesforce applications are available in...
(Image credit/pexels/pixabay)

Research finds only 37% of organisations have the skills and technology to keep pace...

MuleSoft has announced the findings of The State of Business and IT Innovation report. The company commissioned the global survey of 1,739 line of...
The Access Group acquires career site Abintegro Image credit Gerd Altman Pixbay/gerslt

Abintegro joins The Access Group People division

The Access Group is to acquire Abintegro Limited. Headquartered in London, Abintegro provides customers with an easy to use career solution that helps improve...
Salesforce Results (Image credit pixabay/Geralt)

Salesforce hits triple of Slack, Results and Dreamforce

While the big announcement was its acquisition of Slack, Salesforce also issued yet another strong set of results for Q3 2020. Later today Marc...
Salesforce + Slack (c) Salesforce 2020

Salesforce takes up Slack for $27.7 billion

Salesforce finally confirmed the rumours as it announced that it had reached an agreement to buy Slack for a total value of $27.7 billion....

Finmail Mailbox for sending digital currency by email

Securechain, a Copenhagen-based fintech products and digital payment solutions startup has launched Finmail Mailbox. Finmail Mailbox integrates both email and a digital currency payment...
(Image credit/Pexels/ThisIsEngineeering)

Uswitch report reveals the world’s biggest data breaches

A new report by Uswitch has revealed which countries have been the worst hit by data breaches. The report also highlights the worst cases...
Cyber researchers uncover end-to-end cyber-biological attack (Image Credit: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)

Cyber researchers uncover end-to-end cyber-biological attack

An end-to-end cyber-biological attack has been uncovered by cyber researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Using malware, a cybercriminal could use change...
SMB's cyber reliance damaged by lack of IT expertise (Image Credit: AltumCode on Unsplash)

SMB’s cyber reliance damaged by lack of IT expertise

A lack of IT expertise is damaging the cyber resilience of SMB’s. Worryingly, around 25% of small businesses are spending less on cyber resilience....
SMEs failing security assessments by not protecting home networks (Image Credit: Luis Ricardo Rivera from Pixabay)

SMEs failing security assessments by not protecting home networks

SMEs are at risk of failing security assessments by not protecting the home networks of their employees. That claims from cybersecurity and IT Managed...
Blockchain Catch-up

Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 46 (to w/e 27th November)

This is a Charles Brett's start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ for Week 46. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective. It is not intended to be...
UK Police forces using cloud for data storage (Image Credit: kingschurchinternational on Unsplash)

UK police forces using cloud for data storage

47% of UK police forces currently use a hybrid-cloud model to access and store data. The details emerged from a survey of UK police...