Linking Bookmarks in Word - Image by JamesDeMers from PixabayIn a previous tip, I explained how to create a bookmark to make it easier to go to a particular area or word in your document. Just as you would use a piece of paper, envelope, or sticky marker in an actual book. Bookmarks can be attached to a word, a sentence, a table or an image. They also can be linked to each other so that you can jump from one to another easily. Let’s investigate how to do this.

If you have not read my previous tip on how to create a bookmark then I would kindly suggest you do.

Why would you want to do this?

Being able to jump from one bookmark to another is a very quick way to manoeuvre around a large document. To give you an example my scenario would be:

You are creating a training manual. The steps that you are going to show refer back to certain items within that manual. Therefore being able to jump from one to the other, back and forth easily, is a great help.

How to create linked Bookmarks

Here is a list of my sample bookmarks in my document. My bookmark list

How to link bookmarks

  • Go to the word or item you want to link to a previous bookmark.
  • Create a bookmark entry. Bookmark to jump to
  • Go to the bookmark you want to jump from and highlight the text. highlight for a bookmark
  • Right mouse click in the highlighted area.
  • Select [Link] from the list.Link

This dialog box appears. Insert Hyperlink

  • Select [Place in this Document] in the left most area of this dialog box.

Hyperlink to bookmark

  • Select the bookmark you wish to jump to.
  • Select the [OK Button]

If you desire to be able to jump back to the first bookmark in this link then go to the second and link it to the first.

How to show you have bookmarks in a document

It is great having bookmarks and ones that link to each other. But if you don’t know you have any in a document or you just would like to be reminded visually that they are there, here is how to make them visible.

From the [File tab] select [Options] at the bottom of the list on the left.

This dialog box appears.Word Options

  • Select [Advanced] from the left-hand-side list. Advanced selection in Options
  • Scroll down to [Show document content] show bookmars 1
  • Select [Show bookmarks]

Your bookmarks will look like this. Linked bookmark

There are square brackets around the text of the bookmark. The first shows this is a bookmark the second shows that it is a linked bookmark.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this feature and will use it in the future.

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