Alain Fiocco talks about the new solutions OVH is offeringAlain Fiocco is the CTO of OVH, the French cloud provider with plans to be a €1 billion company in the next few years. Those plans were outlined in an earlier podcast with Octave Klaba, Chairman, Founder and Owner of OVH. To achieve Klaba’s goal of making OVH a global player, it will need a strong technology base to persuade customers to move away from the big cloud players and onto OVH’s platform. Fiocco is the man charged with making all that work as well as bringing Klaba’s product visions to market.

At the OVH Summit, Fiocco sat with Enterprise Times to talk through the announcements OVH had made and what they mean. At the core of the OVH cloud offering are four universes: OVH Market, Spirit, Stack and Enterprise. Fiocco explains what is in each of these universes and who they are targeted at.

Importantly, Fiocco does not want customers thinking that this is a take it or leave it proposition. He expects customers to consume the services in one universe differently from another. Even inside an enterprise, there will be people who will want different parts of multiple stacks. This is likely to lead to customers building their own multi-stack approach.

Fiocco took the time to explain how OVH was addressing open source and its commitment to being as neutral as possible. He also spoke about the new high value solutions that OVH plans to offer.

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