QuickBooks DocuSign Connector Image credit Pixabay/geralt https://pixabay.com/en/hand-keep-puzzle-finger-match-523231/Intuit has launched a connector to DocuSign eSignature. The intent is to enable Quickbooks customers to get documents digitally signed quickly and easily using the market-leading eSignature platform. With remote working, eSignature solutions are becoming a necessity as physically meeting for signatures is not an option for many.

DocuSign provides the legally binding signature with date stamps and an audit trail that is probably better than the historic manual process. Not only that it is also faster and cheaper. QuickBooks estimates that customers can save an average of $36 per contract through increasing employee efficiency and a reduction in hard costs. It is also an easier process for customers and, with everything carried out online, can eliminate delays and reduce time to invoice. In turn, this can help improve cash flow, one of the killers for many small businesses.

What does DocuSign eSignature Connector do?

The connector, which was developed by QuickBooks and not DocuSign, provides three benefits for QuickBooks users:

  • Enables the sending of estimates to clients for signature from within QuickBooks Advanced so that deals can close faster.
  • Close the sales cycles faster as it automates the whole estimate acceptance process accelerating the quote to cash process. Users can also attach payment tags to get paid faster when sending estimates.
  • Gives feedback on the progress of the signature process so that the user can carry out the next steps of any engagement faster. Users can also follow up with the client if they have not yet signed it. After all, notifications can get lost in junk folders.

For small and mid-size businesses, the manual tasks associated with preparing and sending estimates are often inefficient and take time away from serving customers.

The customer quote was removed at the request of Intuit.

How much does it cost?

There are three pricing levels for the connector, which are currently discounted for the first year of any DocuSign eSignature annual web purchase.

  • Personal is for a single user only. They can send five envelopes for eSignature per month. This includes basic fields and is mobile app compatible. Users can utilize basic workflows and DocuSign’s real-time audit trail. Costs $90 per year after discount.
  • Standard is for up to five users. Each user can send up to 100 envelopes for eSignature per year. Includes basic fields and is mobile app compatible. Users can set automatic reminders and notifications, personalize branding and use real-time comment notifications. It costs $225/year after discount.
  • Business Pro is for five users who can send up to 100 envelopes per user per year. It includes basic and advanced fields, and is mobile app compatible. Users can set automatic reminders and use real-time comment notifications. It is also possible to collect payments and use advanced features like Bulk Send and Powerforms.

Other QuickBooks connectors

This is not the first connector that QuickBooks has initiated and created for its users. While third-party software companies have created integrations for their software to QuickBooks solutions, Intuit feels it is important to develop themselves. Other premium app connectors include:

  • Bill.com: This connector was launched on 18 August 2020. Bill Pay for QuickBooks Online allows customers to pay bills directly inside QuickBooks for more control and visibility.
  • HubSpot: This connector was launched in November 2020. HubSpot for QuickBooks is an integrated CRM and financial management solution that allows sales and finance teams to work together more efficiently.
  • LeanLaw: Legal timekeeping and billing app that offers two-way integration with QuickBooks.
  • Salesforce. This connector went GA on 21 September 2020. There is currently a 50% discount on this, which may soon run out. Enterprise Times has asked Intuit whether the deal will be extended and is awaiting a response.
Kelly Vincent, Vice President of Mid-Market Small Business Solutions at Intuit QuickBooks
Kelly Vincent, Vice President of Mid-Market Small Business Solutions at Intuit QuickBooks

The other premium connectors are QuickBooks Payroll, HR & Benefits, and QuickBooks Time. Kelly Vincent, Vice President of Mid-Market Small Business Solutions at Intuit QuickBooks, said: “We have been intentional about how we create a holistic solution for growing businesses that provide value and efficiency. Midsize businesses can rely on QuickBooks Advanced and the handpicked apps that we have integrated with, like DocuSign eSignature, to provide a seamless experience across their business software.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a very useful addition to the QuickBooks Advanced Online marketplace. It is a pain point for small and mid-sized businesses and, once set up, reduces the administration required for processing sales and potentially other documents.

At present, there are no other eSignature solutions listed on the QuickBooks app marketplace. It is possible to integrate an eSignature solution via integration platforms such as Zapier. Will eSignature vendors develop the integrations themselves. DocuSign is the leading but not the cheapest solution on the market, and other vendors may feel they can offer an alternative.


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