The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has signed a two-year agreement with Diegesis Limited to support and maintain its Ingres/Actian-X systems. Under the outsourcing contract, Diegesis will provide a team of security cleared experienced engineers to support the Ingres open source rapid application development and deployment solution OPENROAD and Applications-By-Forms (ABF).

The ONS uses Ingres and OPENROAD Systems to produce statistical outputs. It believes that it will need the solution supported until at least February 2022. The contract started on February 1st 2020 and is worth £3 million to Diegesis.

Nick Denning, Chief Executive Officer of Diegesis Limited commented: “We were chosen for our experience of Actian and our commitment to meeting the high levels of quality and good governance required by ONS. Our strong sense of accountability, openness and willingness to share knowledge closely matches ONS’s requirement for responsible teamwork. This is a hugely exciting project for Diegesis that showcases our capabilities and skills in this technology and we look forward to working with ONS to deliver a successful IT transition and management of systems with minimal risk and to meeting our commitments to improve quality, efficiency and to reduce operational costs.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Diegesis has a focus on RDBMS technologies such as Ingres/Actian-X IBM DB2, MariaDB and SQL Server. As internal resources in government organisations become scarce, outsourcing the management of older applications becomes a necessity. Diegesis offers support services providing a business as usual (BAU) framework from the first day at a reduced cost. For the ONS this provides the security that its solutions are maintained and supported. It can do so without having to hire, train and importantly maintain internal resources.

As resources to support different systems become scarce or expensive, managed services can provide an answer. Rimini Street and Support Revolution are able to maintain Oracle and SAP solutions and have found a lucrative market. Diegesis is providing a similar solution for Ingres, a database with a long history. It will hope to expand its customer base as more potential customers realise the cost benefits of outsourcing and become aware of the service.


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