and MS Teams (c) has announced that it has integrated Microsoft Teams into its Work OS platform. This is the first of several announcements in the coming months around integrations from Teams from Microsoft and collaborated to create this integration. It allows users to access features from within their Teams environment and push notifications the other way.

Oren Stern, VP Partnerships and Alliances at (Image credit LinkedIn)
Oren Stern, VP Partnerships and Alliances at

Oren Stern, VP Partnerships and Alliances at said: understands the importance of giving teams the tools they need to work anywhere they are.

“By embedding the Work OS into Microsoft Teams, enterprise users will finally be able to collaborate and manage their entire workflow in one place. No more scrambling to find what you need in multiple locations or conducting repetitive tasks.

“Everything will be available in one all-encompassing platform allowing teams high-level visibility and the agility to adapt”

What does this integration include?

Once set up, the integration enables users within Teams to:

  • Create new items within from a Teams account
  • Search and share items and boards with colleagues within Teams
  • Use their personal space tab to stay on top of weekly workflows and inbox.

In users can create recipes that will notify MS Teams channels on changes. Examples include:

  • When date arrives, notify team in channel
  • If an item is created, notify team in channel
  • When a Status changes to something, notify team in channel
  • If a column changes, notify team in channel
  • When an update is posted in this item, send it to team in channel
  • When any update is posted, send it to team in  channel

This is a welcome addition to the Work OS platform. Early adopters who use both applications are already seeing the benefits. Amy Wakeham, VP, IR & Corp Comms, ResMed, commented: “We rely on Microsoft Teams to easily manage projects, communicate within our team, and quickly find the information we need. With the integration of, we can now work seamlessly in one shared workspace. We can set up boards within channels and chat about the board directly within Teams, without having to toggle between multiple apps and websites.”

Enterprise Times – What does this mean

This is another step closer to Microsoft for with this announcement. Other integrations that already exist include Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive. What is next?

Mike Ammerlaan, Director Microsoft 365 Ecosystem commented: “We are pleased to welcome’s Work OS integration with Microsoft Teams. Our enterprise users are always searching for the best applications for their teams and will empower them to run, track, and manage their teamwork in a structured workspace within their familiar Teams dashboard.”

Microsoft is clearly on a mission to integrate Teams to as many applications as it can. It is not alone. Asana announced an integration last month. FinancialForce is also looking to integrate its PSA solution in 2021.

Microsoft is slowly making Teams the default collaboration platform for enterprises through these integrations. and its fast-growing customer base will help fulfil that mission. What is the next step for the integration? Will enable bots within Microsoft Teams to carry out more tasks?


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