Dreamforce 2019Enterprise sat down with Patrick Morrisey GM Revenue Optimization Business Unit and Nigel Cullington, VP Product Marketing at Upland Altify at Dreamforce. Cullington reveals that CRM is not enough today. “CRM does not add the value that customer needs. It doesn’t add the strategy and the methodology.

Cullington explains the Altify approach to Customer Revenue Optimisation and how companies need to consider business operations through this lens. The combination of strategy, technology and methodology are key to this.

Nigel Cullington VP Product Marketing, Upland Altify (Image credit LinkedIn)
Nigel Cullington VP Product Marketing, Upland Altify

Morrisey and Cullington explain how relationship selling has evolved, the model may have changed but the customer is now, or should be, at the centre. Cullington cites the example of Autodesk that sees mapping the buyer successfully can deliver significant benefits.

The argument about the balance between art and science within marketing seems to have been extended into the sales process. Cullington concurs and explains how both are being leveraged, especially in complex sales.

Patrick Morrisey GM Revenue Optimization Business Unit, Altify, (Image source LinkedIn)
Patrick Morrisey GM Revenue Optimization Business Unit, Altify

The conversations moved onto personalised journeys for business buyers and where the technology is within ABM. It is about how companies need to approach ABM and coordinate Marketing and Sales. He advocates Marketing actually talks to customers as part of this.

They also talk about how process, methodology and technology are not enough individually. Morrisey noted: “Whatever methodology you use is the right one, just pick one and make sure everyone uses it and make sure it is baked into the technology and processes.”

They finally reveal what the questions organisations need to ask and the first steps they need to take on this journey.

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